With new car prices only going higher, buying a new car is becoming a financial commitment that puts a load on other aspects of your lifestyle. After managing to scrape together the down payment, the EMIs will prove to be a looming challenge that you will face for years, dictating your plans and budgets. An ideal situation would be if you can somehow reduce the impact of the EMIs and get some breathing space. With the ZAP plan by Zoomcar, such wishful thinking can be made a reality.

How it Works

Car usage statistics suggest that you will be using your car around 10% of the time. That leaves a lot of free hours where you can share the usage and get paid for it. By listing it on Zoomcar, you are associating yourself with a trusted national brand. List your car on the popular rental platform and have it earn back money, which will go a long way to easing your EMI burden.


Getting Started

Being a ZAPster is really simple. If you already have a new car, you can list it on Zoomcar’s platform by registering it as a commercial vehicle with Zoomcar. Install the car with Cadabra, a hi-tech monitoring platform for your car that will analyse every aspect of car usage and give you alerts so you can perform preventive maintenance. This goes a long way in saving on costs. If you plan to buy new car with Zoomcar’s help, you can get great car loan plans through our network of financiers. Zoomcar has a great relationship with some of the biggest car manufacturers, so you can also get a discount on your favourite model. With such a start, you are already saving on car-ownership costs.

Financial Freedom of Sharing

Co-ownership is a perfect solution for the on-the-go generation, a demographic that works hard and loves its well-deserved indulgences too. With the load of car EMIs off your shoulder, you will be able to enjoy the lifestyle you wish for. Whether it is spending on a vacation or buying the latest smart TV, you will be in a better position to spend on other things with your car earning back its own costs. Enjoy the privileges of a vehicle owner without the financial compromises usually associated with them. Sign up with ZAP and save and earn the ZAPster way.


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