To make every ride safe and easy to drive, Mazda has always taken every step possible. With the advent of a series of latest safety and driver assistance features in the corner, Mazda has imbibed every bit of them, to make the driver stay alert, safe and yet comfortable. The 2019 Mazda 6 is one such example where we get all these ways in which driving gets easier in every road conditions or traffic situation.

  1. Active Driving Displays

The importance of visibility in driving is something that nobody can disagree upon. The more the driver gets to see, the more he can deliver a smooth driving. Both for safety and convenience, it is of utmost necessity for the drivers to know what is lying down on the road. To let every bit of it be visible to the driverthe 2019 Mazda 6  has placed their Active Driving Display that works with a good amount of useful information being directly displayed at the driver’s line of sight. All this helps the ones behind the wheels to keep their attention focused on the traffic, while simultaneously monitoringthe speed, receiving navigational instructions in every turn and notifications from Mazda’s advanced driver’s assistance features.

  1. Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Mazda Radar Cruise Control is designed to set the car at the maximum speed while moving. It can be the speed at which one wishes to roll on. The MRCC matches the ebbs and flows of traffic automatically maintaining a safe distance for following. While this proves to be brilliant for long distance trips, this even significantly comes handy in the daily commuting in the cities by reducing the stress of the drivers especially when there is too much of stop and go kind of traffic.

  1. Rain-Sensing Wipers

With a deep sense of understanding what causes trouble while riding in certain climatic conditions, automotive engineers have put in their best efforts to keep the car stable by helping the driver from every possible angle.  One such example is Mazda’s rain-sensing wipers that get automatically activated when the rain suddenly starts pouring. Before it gets chance to accumulate on the windshield, the wipers spring into action and fend off the big drops and continuously keep cleaning the shield in front for a constant clear visibility.The automatic mode saves the driver from the need to look down in order to activate the wipers.

  1. Hill Launch Assist

To save the vehicle from getting stuck in traffic on a steep hill and dreading it to roll backwards Mazda’s Hill Launch Assist holds the car in place for some time and come back to the earlier condition by releasing the brake pedal. All this is to allow some time to the driver and press the accelerator and pull away without any stress.

  1. Smart City Brake Support

Smart City Brake Support of 2019 Mazda 6  operates in some low-speed conditions between 2 to 18 mph. This is to comfort the driver while passing through a congested traffic without the risk of bumping upon another vehicle even by chance.


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