Attention deficit disorder also known as ADD is a syndrome which is usually found among children aging seven years or below. The characters of this disorder are child’s constant impulsiveness, hyperactivity and small attention span. Widely this disorder is referred by attention deficit disorder. The disorder is widely used and named as Attention Deficit Disorder in Valley Village. In 1994, psychologists, experts and researchers reached an agreement of using hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit for referring the condition of this disorder.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder in Valley Village?

  • Attention deficit disorder is not particularly a disease. There are many parents who mistakenly consider the condition as some ailment, but, the condition is a behavioral disorder. There have been many studies that have been conducted for pining down its cause. But till now, there is no explanation for why this disorder occurs.
  • It is expected that about 3% -5% of the US population gets affected by this disorder. That’s because most of the Attention Deficit Disorder in Valley Village are kids who are aged four years or above. This disorder is associated to young age.
  • Globally, it has been estimated that about 8% -10% of school-aged children get affected by this behavioral condition.
  • Based on report cases and statistics, boys are much more prone to be diagnosed with this conditional disorder. The number of girls with attention deficit disorder is very less compared to the number with boys.
  • There are also some cases which have been reported of young adults. There are also adults that exhibit the manifestations of this disorder. In such cases, it is assumed that these adults have taken up the attention deficit disorder from childhood.

Deficit Disorder


Studies that have been done on Attention Deficit Disorder in CA have still not established the real causes of this behavioral disorder. The scientific community considers this deficit disorder as a young medical or mental case which still has to be researched with full scale attention. Over the years, the patients that have been diagnosed with this disorder have been alarmed and have been on a constant rise. The number of patients with this disorder though is still modest when it comes to this disease on a global level.

But nowadays, you will see that the Attention deficit disorder is becoming much more common. Children from all types of families, be it wealthy, be it average or be it poverty-stricken, are becoming exposed to this condition. There are also some famous celebrities whose children have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

With the increasing awareness of this disorder over attention increases the actual volume. This can be one reason why many of the parents are suspecting their children to be affected by this disorder with so many reported cases.

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