Many of you wonder the reasons behind rejections of visitor visa. You must know some basic details to understand the same. Find the top five reasons for denial of visitor visa.

Visa Interviewer’s Misinterpretation

The Canadian government wants to make sure the stay duration of individuals in their country. Hence they issue a temporary stay visa or Canada visitor visa. Once you fill and submit the visa application form, you must attend an interview.

The questions asked in the interview by the officer will focus on your intention to travel. If they feel that you may not return, then your visa application gets rejected.

Not to worry, to overcome this denial you must give the authorities confidence that you will return. Provide necessary supporting documents like your bank details, property details, and your need to get back from Canada.


When You Submit Limited Number Of Documents

When you submit the following documents to CIC, you think that your visa will get approved. But it may not always happen. Hence try and provide enough evidence supporting that you visit Canada only as a visitor. Look at the basic mandatory documents given below. Never create an impression that you may Travel and Work in Canada. Make sure not to limit with these materials alone.

  • Application Form
  • Visa Fees
  • Passport Size Photos
  • Passport
  • Financial support documents
  • Return Ticket

Failing To Provide The Importance For Your Return

Most of the applicants think that they need not talk about their commitment to their country of origin. You can give details about the reason to travel to Canada. But remember, not providing inputs about your purpose in home country might land up in your application getting rejected.  Yes, more than why you want to travel to Canada, you must convince them the reasons to come back. You can show your property details and your job details. This will ensure that you will return back and not a potential immigrant.

Forgetting To Submit Affidavits

Even though you send all your supporting documents, your visa still gets rejected. Understand that testimony plays a significant role in assuring your return. Ask your friends or relatives to swear affidavits about your connections in the home country and include with your application.

As affidavit has a legally binding, it holds good than your documents.

Non-Comprehensive Invitation Letter

When you travel on a visitor visa, you must have some relatives inviting you to Canada. This letter will give confidence as you go for a purpose. Ask your family member to send a detailed invitation letter stating the purpose of your visit.

The letter must explain details like your stay, food, and travel within the country. Incomplete messages without your full name, date of birth or travel dates might lead to rejection.

Unsigned invitation letter and missing contact details make the application get denied.


Make sure to avoid the above mentioned five mistakes and make the right application form with all supporting documents to get your visa approved.


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