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Job Responsibilities of Logistic service provider in Delhi

Job Responsibilities of Logistic service provider in Delhi

Logistic means a systematic controlling and planning of information and products in a very organized manner. It is meant for delivering your belongings from one place to another and successfully delivers your good in the exact destination. Customer or client satisfaction is kept on the top priority when the entire processing is carried out. The flow of goods is managed in a very systematic way. The requirement of the customers is very keenly observed. There are various logistics companies in Delhi; it is that you need to be very wise enough when it comes to choosing the best one for you. Logistic companies add value and timeliness to your goods.

Some activities included in logistic services in Delhi NCR:

  • Warehousing
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Packing
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Handling of the goods

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Job responsibilities of a logistic service provider in Delhi NCR:

  • They recommend the optimal mode of transport, its routing, frequency and equipment.
  • Monitor or establish a supply based on chain system and measurement.
  • They create new policies and procedure for their logistic activities.
  • They help planning and implementing the material flow of the system so as to meet the requirement of the production.
  • Train the shipping department personnel about the roles and responsibility about the global logistic tricks and strategies.
  • They maintain and keep a record of documents, metrics, service logs of customer, reports, safety of the goods and training.
  • Implementation of specific requirements of the customer like the internal reporting the customized for of transportation.
  • Settle the problems related to transportation, export and import, the system of logistic and some of the customer issues.
  • They also participate in the management of carrier like the qualification, evaluation of the performance and selection of the goods.
  • Ensure the compliances of carrier with the company policies or the procedure involved in the delivery or transit of the product.
  • It deals will all the procedure involved in the achievement of the costing, the productivity, timeliness and accuracy
  • Negotiate the rates of transportation and services
  • They design the models so that it could be used for the evaluation of services and logistic models
  • They give supervision to the logistic planning and scheduling
  • Prepare the certification of applications
  • Does the work of negotiation with the suppliers and the customers so as to improve the supply chain to improve the efficiency and sustainability
  • They recommend the purchase of advanced and improved technology
  • It also develops the risk management program so as to ensure that the supply is continuous even in case of emergency situation
  • They also involve in planning and improving the entire logistic process and system
  • It also collaborates with some other departments so as to integrate the logistics with the entire business system like accounting, order management and the shipping
  • Also analyzes the final response of the logistics like shipping, carriers and volume
  • Directing the inbound and outbound of the operations of logistics related to transportation, safety performance and the quality management
  • To analyze all the aspects of the corporate logistics to determine the outcome in the most effective and fruitful way

Logistic services in Delhi NCR is quite relevant and reliable. They will take all your good in the destination in the better way.


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