The winners of the several tributes and awards the notable and popular Maharaja Express is the most extravagant and classy among all the other types of trains in  India. It runs over the five pan-Indian voyages traversing through the most amazing stopover tourist destinations.  Most of the travelers on the board of the Indian luxury train tend to get an insight view since the ancient period of the lavishness of Indian royalty. The train is designed and decorated so well that it defines and offers a high-class comfort.

 # Journey

The luxury Maharaja Express is supervised by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) which started its functioning from the year 2010. The five most wonder like journeys of the Maharaja Express included the sightseeing, shopping, special types of a meal at the royal residences and super cultural performances. It is like the heritage of India which is full of splendor and paranoma.

Maharaja Express Train

 # Guest Carriage

The main motive is to create a standard and splendor of the personal carriages of the erstwhile rulers of the ancient age who had a glorious past. The most recent makers of the luxury train of India try to club the luxury, comfort and even the Royal interior decor which undoubtedly makes the Maharaja Express a unique one. The refinement effect of the older days and the mix of contemporary luxuries together create a massive 5-star rating train in India.

 # Luxurious Dining

The dining facility of the Maharaja Express offers the most feasting outlook which is hardly seen in any of the trains. The restaurant offers the typical Indian food and looks like the Mayur Mahal and the Rang Mahal. The plates used over are of gold edges and cutlery has monogram and glasses are Swarovski with makes it all very unique.

 Interesting facts of Maharaja Express

  1. The Maharaja Express is the most luxurious train of the entire Asia and the costliest train in the whole World.
  2. The Train commences its trip on every Wednesday for accomplishing a journey of 7 nights and 8 nights.
  3. It helps in managing by running over the 5 wonderful circuits which cover 12 most famous destinations of India.
  4. It holds 23 carriages and integrating accommodation style, bar, parlor, generator and even the store autos exclusively.
  5. The train covers a kilometer long trail with fourteen coaches, along with lodging and suits exclusively.
  6. The Maharajas Express train encircle the 5 top journey destinations which are ready to head towards a memorable and exciting experience. It includes the stimulating Khajuraho temples, early morning boat riding in Varanasi, a visit to the World Wonder of Taj Mahal in Agra, exploring the World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora, FatehpurSikri, wildlife spotting at the Ranthambore, Elephant Polo Match in Jaipur and other associated destinations.
  7. The most interesting fact is the train starts in Delhi and ends in Mumbai, connecting through all the top metropolitans of India.

Thus, the trip on Maharaja Express is an exceptional tour that one could ever experience.


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