People usually migrate to some developed countries for better job opportunities and better salaries. These developed countries not only provide employment with higher income but also has a better lifestyle with all the technology and advanced facilities. These countries have better work timings and have plenty of time for relaxation and peaceful life for individuals. Some of these countries which provide a permanent residency visa for immigrants include United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

The rules and regulations differ from country to country for immigrants. Different documents and related papers with evaluation tests have to be cleared to receive permanent residency of the destination country. Different criteria to obtain permanent residency for various countries include:

  • Canadian Immigration: Canada is one of the best countries to settle and work. This country has bright opportunities for foreign employment, business investors, students, etc. The immigration rules are made easier to obtain permanent residency followed by citizenship earlier. The key requirements to apply for Permanent residency for Canada includes an appropriate score in Language proficiency test of English or French in IELTS, Foreign Educational Credential Assessment report to be assessed and approved by the immigration authorities and health and character requirements to be fulfilled. Other factors like age, work status, etc. depends on the type of visa to be applied. Permanent residency visa can be offered via visas like skilled worker, business category or family sponsorship visa. It can be applied both from inside and outside Canada according to requirements.

  • Australian Immigration: Permanent visa for Australia allows immigrants to enjoy all the benefits and rights of the country like living and working in the country for an indefinite time, subsidized health and educational facilities, easier to apply for its citizenship later, sponsoring the family for temporary or permanent residency, etc. Appropriate visa to be chosen with proper submission of documents like Language proficiency test results in English language and Skill assessment report assessed by a relevant authority with proper health and character related documents are the key requirements for immigration Permanent Australian Residency. A minimum of 60 points should be scored on the basis of expression of interest on online skill system select of Australia.
  • United States of America Immigration: The Immigration in this country is based on Immigration and Naturalization Act and allows only a limited people per year to be a part of their country as immigrants. It includes family based immigration, employment based immigration, humanitarian relief immigration, immigration of refugees, etc. For attaining citizenship further, the individual must either be born in the US or married to a US citizen or have an attainment of Green card.
  • United Kingdom Immigration: The United Kingdom being the biggest financial centre and ranks top in criteria of human development, per capita income, economy, etc. attracts many immigrants worldwide. The benefits of achieving permanent residency in the UK include living and working here without restrictions, subsidized educational charges, etc. Assessment forms with proper document submissions which are required by authorities there needs to be submitted. The person with different criteria of visa and stayed in the UK for 5 years can apply for permanent residency there.


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