Wi-Fi is our reliable friend that never judges or demands we limit our time use. No, in fact, it persuades us constantly to use its service to enter a new world, the world wide web. Wi-Fi is like that one special someone we had when we were younger and never truly cherished our moments with them until it was too late. Admit it, we’ve all had those moments where we’re sitting down to binge watch our favorite show or do a marathon of online gaming, and suddenly a storm hits and the Wi-Fi goes down. It is at that moment when we are there sitting in the silence of a room with no sound, surrounded by darkness, that we begin to truly appreciate the importance of Wi-Fi. Maybe I’m being a little too dramatic, but Wi-Fi is truly our gateway to our financial and social life. Here are a few reasons why Wi-Fi is such an important part of how we live.

Wi-Fi has the power to truly bring connection

Wi-Fi is truly the connection to one’s social circle. It allows us to pick and choose our group of people, which is an advantage if you are truly dedicated to staying the course with your school work or professional career. The power of Wi-Fi assists us in taking control of at least that aspect of our life.

The world is yours

Luckily, the Internet in my area is very reliable and fast, therefore, watching live videos of an event happening on the other side of the world is fairly easy and allows us to stay knowledgeable about current events. Today, Wi-Fi is built into almost everything. In fact, many transit stations are adding Wi-Fi to their bus stops in order to keep people safe and informed of any issues with their bus routes. It is also allowing many in other parts of the world to understand what is going on in other countries even when their own governments attempt to suppress them. Wi-Fi speed is important; however, to others, it can mean the speed at when freedom may come.

You can choose to never be alone

Wi-Fi allows us to always have someone to talk to in forums, chat boards and now even online counseling is available at the stroke of a keyboard. Wi-Fi has truly allowed us to stay in the comfort of our own homes and seek all sorts of companionship from romantic to professional.


College alone is expensive, not to mention the amount of money it takes to buy or lease a car, including the insurance. Wi-Fi has allowed many students in the world to be able to learn from their homes with almost no added cost. This revolutionary method of education has allowed so many that would not have been able to attend school to now have hope that their futures can be different from their pasts.


You never have to have your heart broken again to learn a lesson. Wi-Fi provides the opportunity for people to listen to those who’ve experienced life already. Wi-Fi is a key to obtaining the knowledge of some of the most successful and revered people in the world. This might help children in schools to be motivated by the success of others and yearn for a day that they themselves can innovate the world.

We all can say that we appreciate Wi-Fi just a tad more now, but we’re missing something here; what exactly is Wi-Fi? Well, simply, Wi-Fi is a system that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections throughout a certain area. Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity.” Nowadays, most electronic devices that we use are able to connect to the surrounding Wi-Fi networks, including many other objects that we never thought needed Wi-Fi connection, such as our doorbell. There is no doubt that Wi-Fi has created a world that seems to be a little smaller now, even with its heated debates about the ability for thieves to access our records. Wi-Fi has provided so many positive results for the world as a whole.


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