Things will always go wrong no matter what people do in most of the cases in the world. Whatever be the aspect of the problem there will always be a singular problem that will exist no matter what people do and as long as there will be problems in the world there will also be the consequences of those problems that will make things even worse than what they actually are which is a problem in and of itself. In any event presenting the problems is one thing and actually having the guts to solve the problem is another. Take for example some kind of social problem like a rape victim that did not get the right justice or a murder that went unheard of and was not given swift justice, all people can do is take rioting to the streets and maybe use the Led video wall on the mall near the town hall to put up an animation of the rape victim’s photos and make some sort of dramatic montage of the their life to make people aware of the things that are wrong in the society and the government.

The Cause Of The Problem

People are always so quick to jump on the problems and are always so quick to judge but they do not stop to think about the consequences of what they are actually doing. And they also do not consider the fact that people are always so focused on the action of the problem but do not stop to think of what the cause of the problem is. So when the rape victim or the murder victim that is being dramatized on the Led display they are not finding out the reason that the injustice happened and just are looking for ways as to the prevention of them when the solution is already with them if they focused on the cause of it.


Ideally, there are so many ways people deal with problems and make them as dramatic as possible is not something that should be encouraged.


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