We list the major reasons why your home should have a broadband connection

The Internet has been the driving force of business all over the world, but it touches our personal lives every single day too. There are hardly any tasks today that we can accomplish without the help of the digital medium. From banking to paying taxes, and from shopping for groceries to booking holidays, the Internet makes so many things possible at just the press of a button.

But, all of this is easier when you have a good Internet connection backing you at all times. Most people prefer to wire their homes with Wi-Fi, because a broadband connection offers a lot of utility for the a wider area of use.

Why do you need broadband Internet?

  • Broadband Internet is preferable to using a dongle or limited data Internet plan because it offers the advantages of wider bandwidth. With a higher bandwidth, you get higher density of Internet signals, which makes for faster transmission and reception.
  • Correspondingly, you will notice an uptick of data speeds and a much better network overall with a broadband connection.
  • Normally, the best broadband plans are those that offer unlimited data at superfast speeds, ranging between 40 Mbps and 100 Mbps. Team up with a leading provider like Airtel broadband to get the benefits of always-on connectivity, lightning fast speeds and 99% uptime at all times of use.
  • A broadband connection ideally supports multiple digital devices at the same time. But only Airtel broadband supports up to 10 different devices, with no drop in speeds or output. So go ahead, connect all your devices at home to the same connection and surf endlessly.

Airtel broadband offers you not just unlimited Internet plans, but also eases of use, ease of purchase, and ease of payment. You can do the Airtel broadband payment online at any time, and the payment is processed in real time.

payment online

Choose from between Airtel’s multiple options in broadband because:

  • No other service provider offers a comparable bandwidth the way Airtel does.
  • Airtel is the only mobile service provider to offer the revolutionary V-fibernet broadband connection. It offers peak speeds of 300 Mbps, 99% uptime and no outages – no other provider comes close to providing these features. The Ookla Speed test puts Airtel at #1 in terms of data transmission speeds year upon year.
  • Airtel broadband plans offer a huge 40 GB to 1,200 GB data per month, which is useful for personal as well as commercial use.
  • There are additional functions, like unlimited local and STD calling, one-year free Amazon Prime membership, unused data rollover every month, and bonus data for signing up before March 31, 2019.
  • Upgrade your current broadband to Airtel and enjoy all its stupendous benefits. Plus, get access to the easiest payment and e-monitoring facilities with Airtel broadband payment online.


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