If you want to have the best Android smartphone from all possibilities, go for the Galaxy S9. It is absolutely perfect, and closer to the mark than any other unit of the now existing. And it’s hard to imagine any more phones were able to overtake it in the foreseeable future – except, perhaps, iPhone 8. Well, iPhone 8 may well retaliate and then throw the ball to the side of the Samsung, waiting for the Galaxy S9.

The S9 contains many initiatives, but, unlike the previous model of Galaxy S, their idea is not only to achieve certain goals before it’s made by Apple or Google. With the higher version of Bixby, S9 laid a very comfortable relationship between the electronic filling and software components. It is in this integration and is a huge jump, the perfect Samsung Galaxy from previous versions, and finally embodied in the thoroughly thought-out, one-piece unit.


Galaxy S9 has built around the display – both literally and figuratively.


  • Wonderful, stunning display: AMOLED
  • Incredible design, allowing 5.7- inch screen: Devoid of physical home button and Bixby button
  • Excellent completion cameras compared to the S8/S8+, particularly for a selfie.
  • Perfect location of the fingerprint sensor
  • Bixby is particularly helpful or interesting.
  • Galaxy S9 Wonderful Camera: UHD
  • High-powered processor: Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810

New stickers and filters in the application for the Galaxy S9 camera give so much fun that they cannot be ignored. Most people want to play with the newly animated filters, all might be able to achieve with the release of Galaxy S9.  There will be 36 in 3D, plenty to choose from, and every next would be funnier than previous. Automatic detection monitors and “decorate” with the help of animation, each new face, in the frame, and will be one of the entertainments that could captivate and amuse gags of Snapchat and parents, and grandparents. This is so cool. The main camera of S9 can become a great tool to capture what is happening around, but even people who had never been fond of Self may find that more and more often use the front camera.

Both phones: iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S8 + are perfectly in bright sunlight, but, in my opinion, S8 + slightly better cope with the brightness and sharpness. Galaxy S9 will follow the same trend and come up with the best picture details. The Samsung is so confident in his skills, that do not even have to change anything especially in the filling chamber, set in S8 +. You will find there all the same 12MP Dual Pixel, the lens f / 1.7 and optical image stabilizer. But here’s the updated sensor. Most of the improvements Samsung have carried out behind closed doors of laboratories, updating the image processing algorithms. New Galaxy S9 will exhibit a 16MP+16MP primary Dual-lens camera with the 8MP front camera giving the user an Ultra High Definition image with perfect sharpness and lovable colours.


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