There is a variety of Security Camera options available in the market. Choosing the camera for your parameters is not as easy as buying refrigerator or Television. If you are planning to buy a security camera, then follow the article till the end. It will help you understand which one to buy and from where to buy.

The emergence of Security cameras has now changed the way we do surveillance. If you are thinking that you need to place security camera in any of your premises, then it is not a bad move to ensure safety. Buy security camera immediately and put yourself in a safe zone. Here we have listed some common features you should follow before stepping out to buy a camera.


Understand the varieties – There are many types of cameras floating in the market. First of all, know your requirement in detail only then decide which one you want to buy. The requirement means the purpose for which you are buying a camera. Infrared Camera, Dome Camera, Hidden Camera, pro box camera, Pan Tilt zoom camera is some of the common types. Before buying ask yourself a question what you want the camera to see.

If you plan to buy CCTV camera online, then research a lot. If we talked about the infrared camera, then they are used at a place where the viewing is required in dark surroundings too. The Dome Camera is perfect to install at hazardous conditions. In it the Camera is trapped in a transparent dome. They are coming in many specifications night vision. Pro Box cameras are fixed at a place where Ultra-High Definition recording is required. Banks, supermarkets and big stores use it. Pan Tilt Zoom camera can be controlled through the joystick or computer system; they are good to install at highly sensitive areas. Whereas hidden cameras are used to monitor unopened conditions and come in a body of fake smoke detectors, clocks, motion detectors and sprinklers.

What you want Wired or wireless Camera – The Wired Cameras are long life cameras and usually provide better picture quality than Wireless cameras. But if you believe in systematic and arranged patterns then go or wireless cameras.

Know your Camera Capabilities – When you are selecting a camera then considering the lens size, wide angle degree and memory for storage are three important factors. For every millimeter of the lens size, the rule is that this is how far away camera will be able to view subject (focal length), whereas the degree of wide angle lens will tell the field of vision. For example, a basic wide angle 60 degrees, 4 mm lens will give you effective viewing up to 4 meters but will not show you the neighbor’s property to the right or left. Cameras come with the range of data storage from 500MB to 1GB.

Show Footages – Before buying CCTV camera watch recorded footages of your shortlisted cameras. It helps you to understand the clarity of camera you are choosing.                  

Along with these points, understand your location also to buy a perfect camera for yourself.


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