Many people have heard about cloud computing and it is not a new concept. However currently, big names like IBM, Google and Amazon have taken cloud computing to new levels. They have established horizontal networks consisting of many services from the Internet without the need to run or even store the applications on their devices or machines.

Rene Bostic is the VP for Cloud Technical Sales for IBM North America and has several years of experience in leadership and sales. She states that when it comes to cloud computing, the term refers to the Internet where there are different companies and service providers that host or run their programs to the end user. The end user can be a business or an individual. They can access the cloud without the need to store or run the application on their own computers. One of the best examples of cloud computing is the online editing software or email servers that allow users to access and modify data from any place or machine at any time.

She states that cloud computing can really benefit everyone. The start-up companies can keep their costs down by storing their resources like data and applications in the cloud. The research projects of companies can be done faster as online libraries and accessing reports and editing them online can be done with ease. Companies have the ability to remove capital investments like buying state-of-the-art servers for storing the data of their clients. They do not have to incur extra money on their maintenance and other service applications. Moreover, cloud servers can handle the data while the company can focus on providing quality services to their clientele.

Cloud Computing

Save costs and time with cloud computing

When it comes to cloud computing it helps you to save costs and time. You do not have to buy any costly software. You get a lot of flexibility in terms of availability and access of the storage data. The user does not have to know the details of cloud computing. The interface is very simple. Cloud providers take the onus of giving their users the best quality services. Individual users can also use cloud services as per their convenience on a pay –per- use basis as well. You have the option to use the service from any place and you do not have to be present at your own personal desktop all the time!

Cost effective solution for everyone

When it comes to cloud computing, you will find that users get a cost effective solution for their unique needs. They do not have to spend lots of money when it comes to buying costly software programs. Moreover, before opting for a cloud computing service, you can get the opportunity to check the service online. This will help you decide as to whether you wish to buy the service or not. There are many cloud computing service providers today. You should take time and research to choose a good one that caters to your needs effectivelysays Rene Bostic. If you research well, chances of becoming successful are always higher.


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