LG G7, the most discussed smartphone of this year because of its latest stylish design. LG has been taken a huge move towards success as it is going to release its flagship smartphone LG G7 with a bendable, curving display. As LG has to compete with Samsung, the company decided to launch its flagship smartphone G7 in January. The latest smartphone G7 would come out with an innovative AI.


The LG G6 screen with aspect ratio 18: 9 or 2 to 1 was delightful. With such a ratio, it is very convenient to watch blockbusters. It is known that factory stars now adheres to the standard 21: 9. The Display of LG G6 has something to praise, and there is something to criticize. The screen is rounded; Movie with gently rounded rather than right angles looks really interesting.

At this pluses end, begins a harsh reality. The LG G6 came up with a chip but has not been able to adapt it properly. As a result, in most applications, the lower part of the display eats virtual touch keys. Yes, they sometimes creep away from the screen. Where the primary interface is configured in a color other than black or light gray, the bottom bar with keys looks ridiculous.  The parameters can open every program on the entire screen (18: 9), and it works – the top strip of the status becomes the same color as the specific interface tools. However, the lower bar with buttons will not disappear. Why could not make this a clear strip or at least adaptable to the main background color? LG will resolve all these shortcomings and bring its LG G7 within a more optimized, improved and refined version. Moreover, the G7 screen will cover 90% Screen to body ratio.

LG G7 Mobile


In 2014, LG G3 was released, at that time it was almost the best smartphone. The same could be said about the camera. The 2015th saw the light of the G4, which is the same face in the dirt does not hit, although the backlog of high-end Samsung devices already on the face. G6 in 2017 with Dual two 1/3’’ 13MP sensors with an angle of 71 and 125 degrees and the twin (f / 1.8 and f / 2.4, recording 4K) was amazing. LG G7 is coming out next year with 13MP Dual lens primary camera and 21MP front camera having 4K resolution and optical stabilization with full detailed picture plus a wide range of colors, great sharpness, and contrast.

LG promotes the function “Colleges” and shooting in LG G6 in the square ratio. I remind you that the screen 2 to 1 just placed exactly two of the square and it looks cool on your smartphone display but when you open the photos on your computer, you realize that all this pampering – algorithms greatly cut quality photos. There is a mode of creation of 360-degree images. However, it is actually a deception, because the smartphone LG G6 makes the most ordinary pan and add the top and bottom blur in tone with the primary colors in the photo. LG G7 release is going to hit the market in January with an LTE Cat 18 modem. And upcoming LG G7 will make its customers grin with its 360-degree mode.


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