Often it happens that the costs of wedding surpass our cost estimates. The wedding is once in a lifetime experience and hence we spend extravagantly on it. Floral decorations too can take a huge toll on your budget.

You should choose a wedding florist wisely for your wedding flower delivery in UK. A good florist will suggest you what other options are available for an expensive flower you want on your wedding. There are many perennial flowers that are available year-round and which can save you boatloads of cash.

Following is a list of ten perennial flowers that you can use for your wedding decorations:

  1. Alstroemeria: This beautiful flower is a variety of lilies that is native to South America. They come in various colors and are everyone’s favorite too. They can help you in making large wedding bouquets.
  1. Calla Lily: They are native to cold environments and are hardy too. They work fine in the summer season as well. They have an elegant twist and curl shape and come in White, gold and purple colours.
  1. Craspedia: They are also known as billy buttons and woolyheads because of their woolen ball look. They make a chic boutonniere for the groom or for important guests. They are also a good filler flower. They generally come in yellow and orange colour.
  2. Carnations: These are the cheapest flowers available and comes in a wide color range. They are cultivated worldwide and are easily available anywhere. They are also good for fillers flowers and can also be used for making creative floral designs.
  1. Gerber Daisy: They come in many colors and are very hardy hence, they can be used in harsh conditions. They might be a little costly but are a good for decorations. A bunch of Gerber Daisies of different colors when put in a basket look really beautiful and amazing.
  1. Delphinium: Fresh Delphinium when mixed with white flowers give a very classy look to the bouquet. They are affordable and are available in blue colour only. They are grown in the high mountains of Africa.
  1. Hydrangea: They are native to China, Japan, and Korea. These long-lived shrubs bloom throughout the summer and into fall. They come in blue, white, pink and purple colours and are very cheap.
  1. Lilies: They are native to Europe and most regions of Asia, but now you can find them in almost all part of the world. They are sturdy and can stay alive all day long. They also come in many colors.
  1. Lisianthus: They are native to the Americas and are also called Eustoma. They can bear much heat and can be used in summer too. Their more affordable alternative is Godetia. They are delicate and must be handled with care.
  1. Chrysanthemum or Mums: They are large flowers that have many petals and come in many colours too. You can use bright hue colored Mums with flowers filler stems to make a beautiful combination.

These are some of the perennial flowers that are widely available anywhere. These flowers are very cheap and are beautiful too. It is not necessary to spend a huge sum of money to make your wedding venue look beautiful and lively.

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If you are planning to be a DIY on your wedding, you can go through various designs available on the internet and try to make floral decorations on your own. It will be a wonderful experience too. You can save some money by using these flowers and be more creative and use more of these flowers in making unique designs that would lighten up your marriage.


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