Indoor air quality is a very important measure in the current times. The health and comfort of a house depends to a great extent on the air and atmosphere around the house. Hence it definitely is a very important measure. Air can get polluted by gas, pollution as well as mass or energy sensors around. It is turning out to be a major health hazard in both developing and developed countries in the recent times. Thus it is important to opt for a air conditioner that offers technology to battle it. Brands across the world and researching in depth in this sector and trying to shine as pioneers in this field.

LG as a brand has always propagated health and safety amongst all major scalable parameters. Not only does it make sure your family stays safe but also offers a wide variety of affordable products. It comes as no surprise that air conditioners of this brand are amongst the most preferred air cooling devices. If all of these developments weren’t enough they now also have a fleet of air conditioners that can drive mosquitoes away. When we talk about the technology of ancient cooling systems and look at the basics of air quality, this is definitely a major leap in history. With this recent technology that has been implemented the fight to improve air quality is definitely one step closer to being resolved.



Energy consumption and sensors also are known for having a profound influence in this case. When we look at coolers that run on water being used for cooling, it also hampers the air quality. The khus present in it leads to growth of microorganisms. Not to forget the germs it attracts due to standing water. Hence it is important that to maintain healthy air quality, air conditioners are used. Stabilisers and inverters are also known to have a profound effect. Thus brands are promoting stabilizer free ACs and inverter technology. \With the world moving towards worse indoor air quality issues; it is important to understand that an air conditioner is not just about cooling anymore.

LG has several products on offer that can keep all your troubles away to a great extent. They offer air conditioners in two broad categories which are window air conditioners and split air conditioners. While split air conditioners are more powerful by a huge margin; one can opt for a higher capacity of window air conditioner too. These air conditioners are available in several ton capacities. Ranging from 0.75 tonne it can go on up to three tonnes. There are over 130 models from choose from in this range.

Whatever be the capacity or type you pick,  air quality measures are something you cannot overlook. As a brand, choose someone that has always believed in propagating the cause and thus is a safe choice. Not only do they have a wide range of products to ensure they are catering to different customer groups but also offer superior technology.


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