Adidas make some of the best brands of sportswear on the market today. The brand goes way back. The first set of footwear ever made by the company was made available to the general public in 1949. The company has its headquarters in Herzegovina and is known for making top quality sports wears.  Even at that, they are not the oldest shoe factory in the world. They make one of the most abundant varieties of sportswear in the world today.

The brand was already well established long before Nike came to the scene.  Over the decades, the company has created classic wears in sports, like Samba, Superstar, and Gazelle.

A little bit of history

The founder’s name is Adi Dassler, and he had a dream to build the best equipment for athletes. He had a humble background as a cobbler, and he also participated in athletic activities. He was deemed to have the best understanding of the needs of athletes compared to other founders in sports history. He quickly discovered several flaws in the sports wears of those days and never delayed in finding a solution to these flaws by making better sports wears than the previous.

The unique footwear he made for the German team to the world cup in 1954 gave Germany the world cup victory, though they were considered as underdogs from the onset of the global event. Apart from Germany, other countries and individual athletes have gotten the best possible results in sports by adorning sportswear made by the brand. Jesse Owen was an American sprinter in the 1930s; he won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics wearing shoes from this brand. Up to 78% of the athletes that competed at the 1972 Olympics wore sportswear from the brand, while 89% of the athletes that competed at the 1984 Olympics used the brand.

The logo

The brand owns the Three Stripes logo, and this has become a very popular trademark globally.  It is perched on their footwear and all other items made by the company for all to see. The Three Stripes do not just give identity to the sportswear, but also add to the quality of the products; they hold the shoes in place and improve their stability. The logo looks very simple, but it has adorned the company with an incredible toga over the years.

Sportswear made by the company

Adidas is involved in manufacturing series of sportswear as highlighted below:

  • Shoes for running, soccer, basketball, workout, football, slides & sandals, hiking, tennis, skateboard, baseball, and golf
  • Clothing, like pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, tracksuits, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, polos, T-shirts, jerseys, tights, shorts, tank tops, and underwear.
  • Accessories, like bags, backpacks, hats, beanies, socks, phone case, sunglasses, balls, watches, gloves, scarves.