The benefits of being on the first page of Google are something that an SEO company will be experts at providing. The primary function of SEO (search engine optimisation) is to make sure a businesses’ website ranks as highly as possible in a relevant Google search.

Since the internet became widely accessible, people have been using search engines to find information on products and services. Google has undoubtedly become the most popularly used of these search engines by a wide margin.

A large majority of consumers will use this platform to research products and services before making an informed decision. This research is often more than just a general search, with locations, reviews and pricing all being accessible through the search engine.

This fact has emphasized the importance for a business to have their website ranked highly and appearing on the first page of Google’s listings. This ranking is determined by a number of factors handled by an algorithm that is working to serve the best possible results to the end user.


Obviously, a webpage being ranked on the first page of search results is going to get drastically more eyeballs on it than if it was in the last. The truth is the vast majority of users only ever click on sites that appear on that critical first page.

Even if a user does not click on any of the links they are presented with, the businesses that show up will get a greater mindshare in their respective market.

With this in mind, the Google algorithm works to guarantee its users that that first page will have the most useful links possible. This is determined why a whole range of SEO strategies that are designed to change a websites’ content to fit the algorithms’ criteria.


Most people will subconsciously be drawn to the most visible and well-marketed businesses as the best choice for the product or service they need. This is the result of a number of key assumptions that consumers generally make.

The first of these assumptions is that a business that has the capital resources to market itself in the most visible space will naturally be the most successful. People will then assume that the success of that business has been the result of delivering a good product or service.

This may be true for most traditional forms of marketing like television commercials or outdoor advertising, but on the internet, the dynamic is far different.

With a search engine, users’ are actively searching for the best product or service. Google knows this and thus uses its algorithm to rank the most relevant and credible web pages for the search query. Therefore a user is assuming that the first page of results is filled with business best suited to their needs.

With paid for listings being disclaimed as such, many users will opt for the top organic search result. Getting a clients’ landing page ranked highly in an organic search result is what an SEO company will specialize in.

Increases Professionalism

As you might be aware SEO is a digital marketing discipline that works to appease this constantly evolving algorithm so that it ranks a webpage highly for relevance to user’s search query. There are a variety of key benefits for a business when their site appears in a user’s initial search results.

Using SEO to shape content to appear on the first page of Google results means that this content needs to be up to date and genuine. Sites that are not active or provide information that isn’t used will be punished by the ranking algorithm.

This forces a business to stay ahead of trends in their industry, and overall become a better business. With reviews and recommendations being highly visible to users it is critical that a business provides the highest quality goods or services.

This is why a business running its own blog is so common nowadays, it allows for regular and authoritative engagement with the relevant industry. This is noticed by Google and factors into their evaluation of a webpage.

Savvy consumers using the internet to find the best choice means that simply having the loudest and most visible marketing is not necessarily going to correlate to increased business. Satisfying the customer helps in satisfying the search algorithm.

Connection to Customers

The search algorithm encourages and rewards frequent and meaningful engagement with a business’ customers. From social media comments to blog posts, customers can use the internet to connect with a business.

This active interaction with the target audience is a huge benefit to the business as it helps in retaining customers and fuelling good reviews or word of mouth recommendations.

Saving Money

While implementing a successful SEO strategy will incur some costs, it is generally far cheaper and more effective than traditional forms of marketing. This saving gets bigger as businesses’ website gets a higher search engine ranking.

This is because the increased mindshare and organic traffic that results from landing in the top search results ultimately means less paid for advertising is necessary to generate leads. If people are finding a businesses’ webpage from actively searching for a product or service they are a far more profitable lead than someone who just sees an ad.

Final Thoughts

It’s abundantly clear that there is a wide range of benefits to a business using SEO to be ranked on the first page of Google results. These benefits are well deserved because any business who is using SEO effectively is becoming a more honest and authoritative choice for its customers.

An SEO company understands how to target search keywords and produce engaging content so that its clients can enjoy all the many advantages of a first-page listing.


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