Who doesn’t love vegetarian food which is equally healthy? At Govindas Restaurant, they aim at providing you with freshly made, nutritious meals at economical prices. They serve with various varieties of pure vegetarian products, all day long. All of the food items and products that we offer are egg free, fish free and meat free. Apart from this, we don’t even use mushrooms, garlic and onions.  Walking into the Govindas Vegetarian Restaurant refers to health and balance.

What do they offer?

They offer you with numerous options to treat your taste buds. They are well- known for their thali which constitutes of a salad, chappati , rice and two vegetable dishes. Apart from the traditional, there is conventional food too like egg-free quiche, veg burger, pizza, spinach rolls, lasagna and all of this is served along with salad.

They have about ten types of fresh salad available. Their best salad and a must to try are walnut salad caprese, eggplant, marinated courgette, celery, mango, mixed green, potato, beetroot, and tahini dressing. Once you eat these delicious salads, it will be hard for you to resist them.

Everyone out there has a sweet tooth, and for those the desert counter of Govindas Restaurant has a lot to offer. They have a blend of both Indian sweets as well as English treats. From icecreams to gateaux to cheesecakes to barfis to laddhu to sweet rice, they have it all!

Vegetarian Restaurant

Karma-Free Diet

Our restaurant has an unique additional feature which is that whatever food we prepare we first offer it to Lord Krishna. This is also known as prasadam which also means mercy of god.  So whenever you dine in Govindas Restaurant, you’re blessed with a food experience which is karma free. Also, all our food items are available as take-away so if you’re in a rush from office, or you want to take some food for your family member you can always go for take-away food.

Need Vegetarian cuisine for a Party?

If you’re having any party or celebration and you want your guests to be treated with delicious food from Govindas Vegetarian Restaurant then, they cater to all the size of the parties as well as functions. If its someone’s birthday party, we provide with egg less delicious cakes. They take orders for both traditional as well as conventional cooking. They do catering for all the items be it Pizza, Thali, sweet dishes, burger, anything. They deliver you with the best.

Also, we have a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks that can help you in cooking healthy and delicious vegetarian food and delighting your family and friends. Govindas Restaurant at IskconDwarka takes pride in serving you with the best and the most delicious vegetarian food.


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