If you have been trying to search for a way to get a distinct element in your way of photography, there is an accessory for you that you can apply with any camera. It is a simple Lens ball. It does not require an app. It does not even run on batteries and is easy to use.

Have you ever heard about Lens ball? It is a sphere that is made up of brilliantly clear crystal. Lens balls are available in 60mm and 80mm sizes. For example, you can easily find an 80mm lens ball for your experience. A lens ball is a crystal ball however it is not the type of crystal ball that is going to show you your future. Lens balls are made up of the best crystal and give the user an ultimate experience. These balls are so perfectly clear that you can easily shoot pictures through the ball with any type of camera or even any smartphone to make interesting images.

If you want to use it, you just have to hold up the ball in front of the subject and then shoot via the ball with your camera or phone. Well, the outcome will go to be an ideally clear 180° degree view of the subject. Yes, it is the upside down and you would realize that your subject matter is not the most exciting, but just imagine carrying the Lens ball with you to a forest, a beautiful beach, a famous monument, a refreshing hill station or so on. There are endless options and you have endless sites to capture in your camera.

Important things

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when you make use of the lensball.  The most important thing is that this crystal orb is quite heavy. You would definitely feel the weight both in your hand and your bag.  The 60mm Lens ball has a weight of 0.55lb (250g) and talking about the 80mm Lens ball it is 1.45lbs (650g). Once you are used to these lens balls, you can have a great experience. Remember Unless you have set the Lens ball on a specific surface that prevents it from rolling away, you might need to hold the ball in one of your hands, holding a camera in your other hand, it can certainly feel a little awkward.

Similarly, you must also be careful that you don’t leave the Lens ball unattended outdoors on a bright sunny morning or noon. Your ball can act like a magnifying glass and in the right climate; there is every possibility that it might accidentally start a fire if the sun shines via it on to dry inflammable material. It is always best to put the Lens ball back in the included string pouch when you are not using it. It is always better to keep your lens ball careful than to feel sorry later on.


Thus, are you ready to give your photography a depth and creativity? Go ahead and try out these balls, and your photography would immensely enhance.


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