While you are learning to play a piano as an adult most student do make a hell lot of mistake while they are learning their lessons. These are mistakes that have been listed below, so that when you are going to start out there is just a room for you to learn and grow. Let’s have a look at them below.

Ignoring your fingers:  This is one of the most common mistakes that most of the students do while they are learning piano as an adult. Some of them do know that they are supposed to follow the correct fingerings process and still a majority of them don’t do it. This is something that might not affect you much in the beginning but will definitely make a huge difference when you try and play harder songs.

Sticking on the major C: The easiest way to play songs is through major c. After all you don’t actually have to bother when it comes to flats or sharps, as much at all is in the key of C. However you need to remember that not all the songs are in c, and you will also wish to transpose songs into the other keys that will actually help you to match with your voice range. So in order to begin with learn to play in g and d and then move on to the remaining keys.

Thinking that the sharp and flat keys are the black ones: This is again the most common mistake. However B is the sharp key and F is the flat.

Treating the notes and keys to be the same thing: Remember that notes and keys are not the same thing. They are two different process. The keys are on your piano while the notes are on your pages. Notes can be written in many forms and ways but the keys cannot. So don’t get confuse between the two.

Assuming that the clefs refer to the hand: Remember that there are two lines of music on your page, one for your left and the other for your right. And with a few expectations this is how you can actually determine and know which hand can be used to play what. Clefs however help in donating which octove you are playing and which hand you are supposed to use.


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