This film is nothing like as meaningful as I am sure the makers would have wished but neither is it tosh.  Brisseau tells of a director who sets out to capture the beauty of the nude female during an orgasm.  Not interested in the porn actresses’ rehearsed turns he seeks young women not used to performing the act so that he might thereby capture the ‘mystical’ moments.  He also proposes that if she transgresses the norm she will more likely reach the maximum sensations ever.  Hence, we get masturbation in a restaurant, in an exotic hotel room with the room open, with other girls and many different situations.

More about the movie

I do not particularly take issue with any if this but I just don’t think it’s particularly profound.  It is a slight theory which if proved does not really lead us anywhere.  Where it does lead us of course is to frank and pretty explicit presentation of some pretty super erotic scenes.  Not all bad then! Simple enough to start with this gradually turns into a melodrama involving the director’s wife, the girl’s partners and even the police and the ghost of the grandmother.  Gradually we seem to loose sight of what seem to be the film’s only premise, but who knows maybe Brisseau really was making a film about the nature of love and how men and women are affected so differently.  This is one of those movies that you love or hate, but that moves you anyway.  It has so many details, so many reactions of the characters so the pleasure game that the director wants to play that is difficult for me to treat the film only in one direction or one conclusion.


As you may have read before, it tells us about a film director in his forties who is shooting an erotic scene and discovers how an actress enjoys breaking the taboo of masturbation in front of the camera.  She tells him how intense and marvellous kind of feeling it was, but after a time they meet by random and she tells him that he traumatized her… now the director is interested about what crosses to someone’s mind when breaking a rule himself has imposed.  I will definitely not saythis is a psychologist study, nor a pornographic film although it has extremely explicit content, but it is such intense and dark look about how we can become blind by our passions instead use our head and heed the advices of our friends and family(wife and grandmother in the film).  And we all know naturally and honestly French talk about feelings, which make the film believable.If you wish to watch this movie, you can do so at 123movies.


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