Although there are different types of flowers available to be gifted on different occasions. But the one that occupies the top slot and is the hot favourite among valentines globally is the rose. It is also well received during any time of the year and can be given to anyone. The type and Rose of Rose are known to carry a specific meaning, something that needs to be understood. It is necessary for the person to know what is being given to the recipient and why. The wrong selection will mean giving out the wrong message to the recipient.

Guide to selecting roses the right way

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  • Red roses: It stands for “I Love You”. They are considered to be the symbol of love, romance, and enduring passion. The demand for roses, especially the red coloured ones soar very high especially during the Valentine week, making them really extensively during this time of the year.
  • Pale pink roses: They imply joy, gentleness, and grace.
  • Lilac roses: It indicates the person has fallen at first sight in love and enchanted with the recipient. It is equally important for a customized card to accompany this flower to ensure that the recipient gets the message very clearly.
  • Light pink roses: It expresses whimsicalness, happiness, and fun.
  • Deep pink roses: They stand for ‘Thank You’.
  • Pure white roses: It symbolizes innocence and truth. The other messages depicted by it includes “You are heavenly”, ‘I Miss you”.
  • Coral roses: They express intense desire through its passionate colour.
  • Peach roses: They signify gratitude, appreciation, modesty while conveying sympathy.


  • Yellow roses: It indicates freedom and friendship. If the intentions for the recipient are long lasting and romantic, then this flower type is to be avoided. It is appropriate to be given to new mothers, graduates, and newlyweds congratulating on their new achievements.
  • Orange roses: It communicates desire, fascination, and enthusiasm of the sender.
  • Dead roses: Irrespective of the original colour, these flowers clearly and loudly convey the message “It’s over”, but in a less classy and tacky manner.

Colour combination

A new meaning arises when roses of two or even more colours are put together like the following:

  • Yellow Rose + white rose = Symbol of harmony
  • Yellow Rose + red rose = Message of celebration and harmony
  • White Rose + red rose = Indication of harmony and bonding

Other symbolism

Some acceptable ways for conveying the correct meaning of giving roses are as follows:

  • 12 roses – Gratitude: The bouquet when in full bloom tends to imply full flowering of emotion that is being conveyed. It stands for the flowering of love.
  • 48 roses: Unconditional love
  • 24 roses: Congratulations
  • Single red rose: Stands for “I love you”
  • Any colour single rose: “Thank You”.
  • Two roses entwined: Marriage or engagement in near future.

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