Get Different Types of Lehengas Stitched by Online Tailors

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India is a land of diversified cultures and festivals and people in India love to dress up traditionally on those vibrant festivals of India. Women always stay crazy for dressing up perfectly on all occasions. Whether it is Deepawali, Karva Chauth, or Rakshabandhan, dressing up well in an ethnic couture is what every woman wants. Talking about the ethnic dress up, Lehenga Choli in India is considered an ideal ethnic couture. Also, women in India like to be a center of attraction in their wedding or their sibling’s wedding by wearing a trendy Lehenga Choli. But what if you don’t get enough time to go to market for buying it. You don’t need to worry, look for the online tailors that can stitch any type of Lehenga Choli for you.

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Different types of trendy Lehenga  Choli that you can get stitched by Online Tailors:

  1. Flared Lehenga :

Although it is the oldest style of Lehenga, but this Lehenga never goes out of the trend. With its extreme volume and several pleats at hem enhances the beauty of this couture. It is recommended to not to do so much of embroidery on the fabric of Lehenga as it can hide the flares of Lehenga s. The fabrics that you can choose for this type of Lehenga are Silk, Brocade, Georgette, Crepe or Jacquard.

  1. Panelled Lehenga :

The Panelled Lehenga includes the horizontal fabric panels that are linked with the flares of the Lehenga. Since there are too many fabric panels attached to the flare, so the flare volume gets enhanced. No doubt that this Lehenga also looks pretty, but it is not made for brides. The fabrics that you should use for this Lehenga are Georgette, Brocade, New Silk and Jacquard. So, don’t forget to ask online tailors whether they can stitch your Lehenga in these fabrics or not.

  1. Sharara cut Lehenga:

As the trends are changing in the market, so the Sharara Cut Lehengas also fall in the category of Lehengas. These types of Lehengas are stitched from the center of the hem and looks like a plazo or huge trouser, but if seen as a whole; it gives the feel of Lehenga only. These Lehengas look good with the long size kurtis and usually preferred by muslim brides for the wedding day.

  1. Lehengas with Jackets:

This Lehenga style is very popular and always remains fresh in the market. These Lehengas are flary and looks good with a jacket embraced with zardozi embroidery. Because only hem looks visible via jacket, therefore, it needs to be heavily decorated and should have wide laces. It is a best option for you if you want to hide your fat.

  1. Straight cut Lehenga:

In this type of design, the Lehenga looks like a straight skirt that does not have flares like other Lehengas. One needs to choose the inner for this Lehenga carefully because this is skin-hugging type of Lehenga. Always consult your online tailor before choosing an inner for the Lehenga.

If you want to get the Lehenga Choli designed for your special occasion or some festival and looking for the online tailoring services, then build your trust on EptiomeStitches that has a team of best professional tailors in Bangalore.

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