Finding out that your company has been defrauded is bad. However, getting defrauded by someone you trust to help you recoup your lost funds is even worse. Yet, this is exactly what has happened to MX Properties. Read more to see what is happening with this company.

In 2016, MX Properties was presented the opportunity to invest in financial instruments used in bank to bank lending transactions through several different entities. These opportunities were brought to their attention by a consultant that was brought on to help MX Properties find new and exciting opportunities for growth, John Diak.

After some time and participation on the part of MX Properties, it became apparent that the entities introduced to the executives of this upstanding company were not on the same ethical playing field and had no intentions of upholding their end of the bargain. This led to the loss of $1 million dollars that MX Properties had put up to secure lines of credit through various banks.

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MX Properties began looking for options on how to recoup their money when Mr. Diak brought yet another entity into the mix, a Lisbon Portugal lawyer named Carmen De Souza. Ms. De Souza presented MX Properties with a demand letter stating that she would provide the banks with payment instructions to release project funding upon payment of fees to her. Skeptical, MX Properties requested that Ms. De Souza send written confirmation of the deal requiring immediate payment to MX Properties upon receipt of payment. She complied and the money to cover the fees was wire transferred.

Unfortunately, funds were still not released and now MX Properties is out an additional $11,000 in fees that was wired to the Lisbon lawyer. And, because the money had all been sent via bank wire transfer, none of it is recoverable, meaning that MX Properties has limited options when it comes to pursuing the return of their money. In order to try and get the ball rolling, they have decided to launch a public appeal to all involved, asking for either all of the entities to comply with the terms of the various agreements and move forward with the projects or return the money. To date, this campaign has not produced the results that they had hoped for.

However, there is a new entity entering the arena now that seems to be trying to muddy the waters. This currently unnamed individual has been sending harassing emails to various recipients at MX Properties as well as making libelous statements in public as to the integrity of MX Properties as a company as an attempt to discredit the company as well as distract the attention away from the criminals who have stolen money. This is not something that MX Properties is willing to stand and is currently looking for legal remedies that will aid in getting the return of their money and not resulting in additional fraud being perpetrated against them.

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