The term medicare is simply used to describe the coverage one can claim from the federal government but in essence has different parts to it that cater to diverse needs. If you are wondering about different virginia medicare plans , it is essential to know about the different plans and policies associated.

Basic medicare plans

There are two primary types of medicare plans namely hospital insurance and medical insurance. Hospital insurance helps in covering the expenses towards hospital stay, expert nursing facility, home or hospice care. Under this plan, if the person applying for this plan has worked for about 10 years and has paid the social security tax, they need not pay the premium as against those who has worked and paid tax for lesser time. Medical insurance covers doctor’s services, medical equipment cost, outpatient services, lab tests, ambulance service cost, etc. There is separate outpatient prescription drug insurance in medicare that provides coverage for prescribed drugs and is provided through private insurance companies.

virginia medicare plans

Medicare advantage

Medicare has an advantage mode which is not a separate type of benefit and it is a policy that allows private health insurance companies to provide medicare benefits to individuals. Though they offer same benefit as original medicare plans, there might be differences in rules and regulations, cost coverage restrictions. There are different categories under the medicare advantage policy. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) need the person to go to health care providers from a designated plan network and may need specific referral to consult any specialist. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)makes people use health care providers from an established network and also cover more medical costs when utilized within the established network. Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans will help in figuring out how much of the expense beneficiary has to pay from pocket and how much will they pay directly to health care provider. Medical Savings Account (MSA) makes the process simple by depositing the money to be paid for health care costs into a specific health care checking account. For people with unique medical conditions, special needs plans (SNP) can be customized to fit their needs.


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