Refinished hardware floor is a major task and when building houses we buy beautiful interior to get greater look. Investing lot on furniture’s and buildings are important but matainaing them plays a major role. You should always ensure protecting floors from wooden furniture’s is a bigger task. There are lots of elegance and beauty that protects from various damages. There are excellent floor cleaners available that help not only clean your wood.

grey tennis ballsIt is much easier to maintain but not that easy to repair. One finite way of modifying easier techniques that cleans up higher mess. They differ according to clear environmental conditions’ when it is fogy furniture stick into wood that damages floor. In order to reduce, people use tennis ball as a way. Tired of hearing that terrible scratching noise every time a child in your classroom stands up, Dreading those moments when they ALL stand up in unison? Stop worrying! With our tennis ball chair covers that noise will be a thing of the past! Each tennis ball has been cut using a patented cutting machine. Each cut is three pronged and easy to slip over those loud chair legs. Four legs per chair, four balls per chair. And finally your ears will get some rest and your floors will stop getting so scratched and torn each year. Less hustle and bustle noise in the classroom No ear-shattering screech every time your classroom stands up as no more scratched linoleum from hard table and chair legs.

For many years now, Schools across the country have known that by putting tennis balls on the legs of their classroom chairs and desks, they could make classrooms much quieter which helped with the students’ learning capabilities. Classrooms were made much more peaceful for students and teachers alike! An added benefit was that having the tennis balls on the chairs and desks protected floors from scratches and scuff-marks. Thereby greatly reducing classroom floor maintenance. Last but not least. By using Pre Cut Tennis Balls Classroom Chairs recycled tennis balls, you are also helping the environment by recycling perfectly good tennis balls and giving them a new purpose. This is most effective process handled by new generation people. There different colors that makes the furniture so attractive – grey tennis balls are the famous one among all other colors. There are also excellent products in the market but this is cheapest way of completing the task.


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