The specifications which are provided for the pelmets must be accurate in order to find the best results. You can purchase the products for your home at any hardware store which offers affordable prices. The installation instructions are listed inside with the type of screws which are required for each material. The correct ones will be displayed at our hardware store as per the request of the customers. If there are any issues with the blinds Sydney products available at our company then you cover them with the manufacturer warranty. The home furnishing products can be customized according to your needs so you need not to worry about the dimensions. If the products supplied at our store has incorrect measurements then you can return or replace the product.

Easy to clear the obstruction:

The products are available in different sizes and colours so you can select the product as per your requirement. The warrantied blinds Sydney product which has the nearest colour or style can be used as the substitute. All the efforts will be made by our team to match the colour and current style. The closest available product can be replaced with free of charge for our customers. If both the blinds are over rolled then it is very easy to clear the obstruction. Any obstruction in the fabric can be cleaned easily if you just order the blind as an over roll. The brackets are included in the blind with the exact measurements for face fit. The options which are provided in the spaces should be taken into consideration if the potential gaps are not acceptable. You can exaggerate the gap in your home with the squareness of your walls.

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Enough space for the pelmets:

The customers can prefer the most blackout and privacy in the theatre rooms and bedrooms. You must ensure that there is enough space for your pelmet in your home. If you require any assistance about the softly padded pelmets then you can get assistance from our support team. The exact width should be measured if you want to order for a face fit blind. The blind can be installed or measured and it cannot be face mounted with a pelmet. The measurement which you have entered on the product should be the same as that of the face fitted blind. The pelmet can be mounted in order to adjust the height at the architrave top.


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