When it comes to splashing colours in your kitchen room, we want you to loosen up a little bit. For that, all you will require is some inspiration. There are plenty of kitchen designers out there at your disposal and this article has some of the best colourful kitchen designs and exquisite colour themes to choose from.

Here are few colourful kitchen design ideas that you may like.

Bold Comfort

The design is not too modern. But the rustic touch given to the cabinets and units creates an understated shaker style. The kitchen island should be vintage making a bold statement. You can include brushed stainless steel and marble to the worktops which will make them look elegant and classy. Make sure your kitchen theme is well linked with the rooms adjacent to the rest of the house.

It is not necessarily important to add colours to the walls to make the room look cheerful. By adding an influenced piece of art you can do the work just right. Since the kitchen cabinets and units are painted to give it a rustic appearance, the walls are in the shade of white. Moreover, by adding patterned tiles based on the bolder colours on the cabinets will only allow your kitchen room stand out.

Super Lux

Wood is the ultimate natural element you can add to your kitchen design to make it look rich and classy at the same time. As you can see above, the kitchen cabinets are made out of wood while the top units are more modern. The work surface a classic marble with a stainless steel sink. The kitchen tiles are matching the work surface and pretty much complimenting the wooden cabinets below.

Colour Block

As we mentioned above, wood gives your kitchen a natural touch. However, it also gives you the liberty to play with colours. You can opt for chic shaker style cabinets allowing you to repaint them with the colour scheme you feel goes with your interiors. The look is completed by having wooden work surface and a wooden kitchen island.

Back to Nature

Well, nothing speaks louder than keeping the design simple and very English. Moreover it combines the warmth of traditional journey with the modern upgrades. You can have a huge modular kitchen island (if the space permits) giving your kitchen a contemporary edge. Add sea green coloured cabinets and units to give it a much needed vibrant look. You can also add some landscapes to the wall, giving it a homely touch.

In The Green

Most people in England would like to address it as a ‘bruised colour’. We believe, green is perfect for kitchen design as it allows other colours to pop. Use darker shade of green for your kitchen cabinets and units and update them with brass pull handles from the local hardware shop. By adding marble worktop and a kitchen island you will add the much needed crisp to your kitchen and make it look timeless and elegant.

Eclectic Colour

There are some people who love rooms full of colours. But here it is not about overdoing and adding all the possible colours but it is more about designing a comfortable home. This is possible by utilising the space available on the ground floor as you can design separate rooms for cooking, playing relaxing and eating.

Wonder Worktop

Kitchen worktop is generally designed based on its functionality. If you are someone who prefers baking more than cooking then you probably need lesser space.

But, if you are someone who likes cooking you need adequate space for your kitchen worktop. You can divide them into different work zones as per your needs. Designing worktop right around the bay window is a clever way to get sufficient worktop space.

Modern Bright

While selecting colour scheme for your kitchen it is wise to pick combination of balanced and friendly shade. This ensures that enjoy luxurious feeling along with calm vibe. A splash of black on work-tops works best for most kitchen styles.

But, in case if you are looking for something durable and simultaneously cost-effective then marble should be your ideal pick.

Apart from this, you should always look for décor which makes your kitchen airy and reflect your personal taste.

While designing your kitchen a major key concern house owner should have is that they do not neglect functionality over design. Besides, it is equally important to seek assistance from reliable sources so that you make right choices for your kitchen décor.


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