Many people eat nutrition bars available in the market. They like these bars as they are convenient to carry and serve as a health meal replacement. They also are ideal as snacks especially when you do not have time to eat or need a quick pre or post workout bite. If you survey the market today, you will find there are a host of nutrition bars available in various flavors. The ingredients are natural and fresh. They are mostly protein, carbohydrates and fiber. They have the ability to keep you full for a longer period of time!

How do you find the perfect nutrition bar for your needs?

There are many brands of nutrition bars available for your health and fitness needs. Some brands like the Santa Barbara bars are known for their top quality ingredients and taste. The owner of Santa Barbara, Peter Gaum says that when it comes to the perfect nutrition bar, the choice will depend upon your tastes and preferences. This is why the Peter Gaum Santa Barbara bakery in the USA ensures that you get a host of different flavors for your unique taste buds. All the ingredients in the bars are natural and fresh. They are not made of sweet sugary stuff and sold as energy or protein bars to the customer for profits. His bakery has high repute for selling some of the best nutrition bars in the USA and this is why they are widely sought after in the market today he says.


What do the Santa Barbara bars contain?

He says that when it comes to the nutrition bars produced by Santa Barbara, the bakery produces bars that has the following ingredients-

  • Cranberries- They are anti-bacterial and can help in the prevention of urinary tract infections. They also curb stomach ulcers.
  • Chia seeds- They are regarded as superfood and are a rich source of fiber, protein and antioxidants. They also have an anti-inflammatory ingredient.
  • Cherries- This is a healthy fruit and with them you are able to reduce heart disease, arthritis and gout infections.
  • Almonds- They are good for people who are looking for a natural ingredient to reduce their blood sugar levels in the body. Almonds are also rich in healthy fat and they suppress food cravings in the day.

When all the above ingredients are combined together and put into a bar, they become power snacks for people. This means people are able to get body fuel and energy whenever they want to. Mr. Gaum says that when it comes to his bakery, he ensures that he gets all the above ingredients from the best sources!

He says that when it comes to making nutrition bars, his bakery ensures that above ingredients are used. His bars come in a variety of flavors some of the notable ones are lemon, mango, cranberry white chocolate, dark chocolate almond and peanut chocolate cherry. There is something for everyone says Peter Gaum. This is why Santa Barbara nutrition bars are the first choice for people in the USA today he proudly says!


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