This is a very serious confusion among all diabetics that what type of diabetes they have. Not every patient is same. You cannot compare your reasons and symptoms with all as he or she might have different scenario in body than yours. So stop comparing rather it is better to educate yourself and even others.

Read the below article properly as in very simple words, we have explained the difference between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2. Judge for yourself what will help you the most to revive your body.

First Step:  Insulin plays the major role. So understand how much insulin is produced in your body and then undertake natural cure diabetes:

  1. Complete lack of Insulin -> Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Very little Insulin
  3. Cannot use Insulin stored in body properly -> Type 2 Diabetes

Check your reports and also consult your doctor to understand your insulin production currently in body. Most of the picture would be clear there itself.


Second step:Collect information and understand type of diabetes you have:

  1. Diabetes Type 1: This is rare and normally seen in 5% diabetics. They generally are below age of 20. In this type, body completely lacks insulin. Why so? The Immune system of body attacks the cells which produce insulin and completely destroys them. Hence ultimately, Your body stops absorbing sugar and indirectly no energy generates in body for any activity.
  2. Diabetes Type 2: It is quite common and one of other diabetes faces Type 2. Any age person can have this issue. The main problem here is the body has insulin stored but is unable to use it due to some reasons.

Third Step: Judge your symptoms which you are facing. Make a note before you meet the doctor.

. Following are some well-thought differences which will help you get better assessment:

  1. If you are young like below 20s or just entered adulthood, you might face Diabetes Type 1. In that case, you should immediately rush to doctor before situations get worse. In Diabetes Type 2, symptoms may not prominent initially. You may be diagnosed without any symptoms also. However, many children today are even facing Diabetes Type 2 which is a alarming situation for us.
  2. If you face like nausea and weak enough to stand, maybe sometimes you just fall then don’t ignore such things. Your blood sugar level might have dropped which is still more dangerous. Get up glucose and meet the doc! This is known as Hypoglycemia and such problem is life threatening.
  3. Never ignore weight fall. A sudden weight loss may be really attractive but not at all medically correct. Get yourself to a blood test to see if you don’t have diabetes.
  4. The major difference between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 is Type 1 can never be prevented. No lifestyle changes can improve or help diabetes Type 1 patients. On other hand, Diabetes Type 2 can be controlled by exercises and eat Natural Cure for Diabetes Type 2 patients is possible whereas there is no possibility for Type 1 patients.


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