Tea is one beverage that is loved by many people from almost every corner of the world. But there are several misconceptions associated with it. For instance, many think that the whole leaf tea is very expensive. In reality, they are less costly than the highly used tea bags. On the other hand, buying tea bags on a regular basis can turn out to be a costly affair. The blends available in the tins are more expensive than the loose leaf tea. And moreover, the gourmet teas are less expensive. There are different ways of enjoying tea actually. Some people like it hot while there are many who prefer it cold.

 Reasons to use Ceylon loose leaf tea to make iced tea:

  •  It gives an improved taste:

 While the tea bags are just dust and fanning’s of the leftover bits of tea after selling the good stuff, the loose leaf tea is in the most natural form. So when you are using these then you can stay assured of a great taste that is much superior to the tea bags.

  1.  Lots of variety available in the market:

 The tea bags come in a few varieties, whereas while buying the loose leaf tea you can choose from a lot of assortment. Besides, you can make your special blends and make your signature tea.

  •  It is price effective:

It is very economical. It is available at a cheaper price than its counterparts and there is no compromise. It can be rightly said that you get a better quality at a cheaper rate.

Loose leaf tea

How to prepare iced tea with the loose tea leaf?

There are two methods to make iced tea using the loose leaf tea:

First method: Using an Iced Tea Pitcher:

It is considered the best way to go for the brewed iced tea. You just need to add the loose leaf tea directly in the pitcher. And then add some water to it. There is a filter at the top of the pitcher that avoids the tea leaves from reaching the glass.

Again in the mix iced tea pitcher, there are two ways of brewing it:

  • Cold brew method:
  1. To 50 Oz pitcher, 8-10 teaspoons of loose leaf tea are added.
  2. Two cups of hot water and four cups of cold water is then gently poured into it.
  3. This is placed in the fridge for a few hours.
  4. Pour to serve.
  • The hot brew method:
  1. 8-10 teaspoons of green tea can be added to 50 Oz pitcher.
  2. Then three cups of hot water are poured into it and steeped for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Then 2-3 cups of ice cold water and ice cubes are added to it.
  4. Pour to serve.

Second method:

In this method, the quantity of loose leaf tea just doubles the amount of loose tea used in the previous method. For example, instead of using only one teaspoon per cup you can use two teaspoons. Then steep the tea. Once the steeping is done, ice is added to it. Adding ice will dilute the liquid. While serving the tea has to be poured over a glass of ice.


Allow the tea to cool down a little before adding ice cubes so that lesser amount of ice is required.


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