Physiotherapy treatment with Ultrasound Machine

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With the passage of time science has evolved to a great extent. New treatments and medicines are invented each day for the betterment of treatments offering quick and effective relief to patients. However, certain health conditions also require physical intervention which may or may not be given along with medicines. Physical therapy is used for enhancing the mobility, reducing stiffness as well as increasing blood flow of the local area. Health conditions such as Haemorrhage, paralysis, post-surgery period or accident requires the person to undergo a physical therapy treatment.

The Physiotherapy is given by a therapist who is qualified in the field with a professional degree. In certain cases, the physiotherapy is given along with pain killers for speedy results. The physiotherapy can be performed with the help of standalone exercises and along with equipment.

About Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is one of the most popular treatments given under physiotherapy. The ultrasound machine is used to stimulate the tissues present under the skin. The therapy stimulates the tissues with the help of sound waves in the frequency range of 80k Hz to 2 lac Hz. The sound waves administered by the ultrasound machine are not possible to be heard by the humans. The therapy uses transducer along with an applicator which is brought into direct contact with the skin of the patient.

Ligaments, connective tissues, fascia, and tendons absorb the sound waves produced by the ultrasound machine. The therapy is given to patients who are suffering from ligament strain, muscle strain, facet irritation, arthritis, inflammation, scar tissue adhesion or osteoarthritis.


The ultrasound physiotherapy machine price varies on the basis of quality as well as the brand chosen.

Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy:

1.The therapy enhances the healing by lessening of the recovery

2.It increases the blood flow to the affected area.

3.It helps in decreasing the inflammation

4.It also helps in decreasing inflammation

5.One can also get rid of swelling with ultrasound therapy

6.The therapy increases range of motion

7.It helps the patient get rid of stiffness

8.The therapy helps in making the body active

One can decrease or increase the level and intensity of sound waves as per the required results. The high-intensity waves are generally used for breaking of scar tissue. The ultrasound session typically lasts for about 3-5 minutes. If the purpose of treatment is breaking scar tissue, the treatment might last for longer duration. Since the heat is produced below the skin, heat is not felt by patients. The therapy should always be administered by an expert technician or therapist for great results, or else it can lead to negative results.

The machine can also be bought online from a reliable source. One can buy physiotherapy equipment online from authentic dealers who offer best of product quality. The machine price depends on the quality, features and the brand of the dealer. Since online shopping is in vogue these days, one can opt for a hassle free experience. The price generally varies from 8000-10000. For the higher range of machine, the prices go up to 25-30k.

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