If you are one of the people who is trying to combat weight issues to lose weight, then you might not be alone. In the world a large population if it is overweight and has tried different products that lead to loss of weight inefficiently. The most commonly used drug for combating this kind of problem is Phentermine.This drug is a psychostimulant drug that has been usedfor suppression of one’s eating habits by regulating the hormones present in the body. This is a prescription-only drug which so can be obtained from the local pharmacies by the people.  Hence not many people can use it. Another derivative of the drug Phen 375 is an over the counter drug and can lead to similar effects.


Phen 375

Phen 375 is an alternative to Phentermine which is an amphetamine type drug which has been marketed in various countries.Phen 375 is composed of caffeine, cayenne pepper and other ingredients like calcium carbonate, L-carnitine. The recipe of the drug varies for different countries, and it is difficult to find. It leads to loss of weight in a person due to loss of fat. A person to get the optimal effect needs to follow the doctor’s advice and restrict the calories in the diet.  Change in thediet increases the metabolic rate of the person thus leading to loss of fat of the body. Doctors often recommend regular exercises this leads to increase in physical activity that boosts the loss of fat from the body. This drug is not recommended for those who want to lose a few pounds or get leaner muscles but rather by those prone to have health issues due to obesity. The drug use leads to changes in one’s diet by eating smaller portions.Drastic changes in the body is proof that Phen375 works for weight loss.


Components of Phen 375

As the name suggests Phen 375does not contain Phentermine but leads to similar effectsdue to the different components that are present. The calcium carbonate in the pill increases the strength of the bones by providing a necessary supply of calcium to it. This helps in maintaining the calcium requirement and contradicting the effect of minimal levels of calcium which has been observed in most obese people. The presence of caffeine and cayenne pepper makes it more thermogenic increases the metabolic rates of the body affecting in weight loss. The L-carnitine is a useful molecule as it transports the fat molecules to the mitochondria (the energy centres) to burn more fat. This helps in reducing the fat in the bloodstream to convert it to energy which is required by the muscles.

Dosage of Phen 375

The effective dose of the Phen 375 as recommended by the manufacturer is either one or maximum of two pills a day. Each pill contains 800mg of the drug, so it is strictly recommendednot to overdo the effect. The reviews by many people proof that Phen375 works for weight loss.   This effect is not same for all types of people as in some cases it might lead to more effective weight whereas some reviews also state that they have found no such effect. Care should be taken not to use these drugs for more than a period of 6 months as it can be harmful to the body.


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