Are you a typical joint smoker who waste a lot of time on rolling paper and crushing the buds? This is a common story of large criteria of people. It is a traditional method and very common among all parts of the world. However, evolving technology is also changing the way how you smoke. Vaporizers are taking the place of common cigarettes and people are gradually starting adopting this gadget in their daily life. For a habitual smoker, switching from cigarette to vape is a good decision. This is the more practical way of intoxication without releasing smoke at all. Scroll down to read the information why vaping gadgets are better than a normal paper joint.

Reasons to prefer vaping gadgets for herb consumption

1) They release vapors rather than smoke

A puff of vape contains pure vapors and 0% smoke. Generally, a vaping device produces vapors by heating the ingredients rather than burning. Consequently, a thick blend of vapors from that is smooth on throat and lungs. Unlike the smoke of a typical joint paper, it is free from tar that causes lungs diseases. Although, the vapors also contain some degree of toxins, but much lesser than smoke.

2) Ready to consume

A vaporizer is always ready to consume whether you have free time or in a hurry. Just push the button and inhale as much as you can till the battery last. Even some vapes also come with sensors that trigger the heating element whenever a person tries to inhale from the mouth. It doesn’t involve the hassle of perfect rolling of joint paper or crushing the herb.

3) precision in ingredients

A vaping device works with the help of a liquid cartridge that has a label on it illustrating the ingredients. The user can choose the degree of THC cannabinoids according to his/her capacity. You just need to identify your capacity while buying it at the shop or online store. While lighting up a bud, you don’t have any idea whether it has potential to intoxicate you or not. Also, there is a risk of mixing harmful chemicals in buds. On the other hand, a certified vaping fluid pack shows its ingredients like propylene glycol, cannabinoid, and nicotine in the specific proportion of percentage.

4) Categorized in casual and medical purpose

Cannabis is also a great remedy for several diseases, but inhaling it in the form of smoke might be harmful. For the patients who consume cannabis as a prescribed medicine, it is a good device to try out. The cartridge for patients only involves only CBD excluding THC which promotes high intoxication.

5) Long lasting

A cartridge of affordable herb vaporizer  lasts much longer than a packet of cigarette. You just need to invest on its vaping device for just once. After that, replace the cartridges when they empty. On an average, a cartridge of your cannabis extract lasts longer than a week.

6) No wastage or excessive inhaling

While smoking a joint, you have to finish the entire roll in one time. However, the same thing is not applicable to vapes. Consume it as much you want and put back the device in your pocket. It prevents wastage of remaining stuff as well as excessive consumption too.

What to look in a while buying a vaporizer?

While buying a herb vaporizer, consider one thing in priority that it must be compatible with universal models of cartridges. Also, there must be easy availability of replacement parts including mouthpiece, battery, safety casing, and refilling material.

These points will surely turn your mindset towards a vape from a cigarette. It is a proven non-addictive gadget that can be used as a better alternative. All you need is the knowledge of a good brand name that sells affordable herb vaporizer in your locality.


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