Female reproductive systems are more complicated than the male ones. Thus, they need more care and specialists to solve their ailments. Thus, the gynaecologists evolved.

Who is gynaecologist?

A gynaecologist in Nerul Navi Mumbai is a doctor who specializes in treatment of diseases of female reproductive system. General Doctors refer their patients to gynaecologists for solving problems. Every girl should visit gynaecologist even if she feels healthy and confident. Any hidden problems or changes should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Gynaecologists examine their patients from the age of 14 years to post pregnancy. They treat pregnant women, any sexually transmitted diseases, cancer in reproductive organs, etc. They closely monitor pregnancy issues and give the advice to stay healthy during the nine-month term.  They also diagnose and treat any abnormalities during pregnancy and delivery stage in expectant’s health and foetus. Regular ultrasounds are done by the gynaecologists to the pregnant ladies and thus consult different health enhancements.

When a gynaecologist should be seen?

A time comes in every woman’s life when she needs a gynaecologist. There are various health problems, which start during puberty age, and these need extra care. And girls should not hesitate to visit a gynaecologist to solve the ailments. Some issue which cannot be ignored are-


  1. In spite of being 14 years, one hasn’t noticed any changes from puberty.
  2. Haven’t had period although crossing 16 years.
  3. During period when one is experiencing severe cramps or any pelvic pains. Or one is having irregular period like extra heavy flow than usual which lasts more than a week.
  4. One has itching, redness, sores, swelling, excessive odor and discharge from the vagina.
  5. To discuss and consult about safe sex.
  6. One is not sure about being pregnant.
  7. One has missed more than three consecutive periods and she is not pregnant at the same time.
  8. Cursed with frequent urination problem and having a burning sensation while urinating.
  9. Any injury to the pelvic area.

Why is woman gynaecologist preferred?

Females are generally shy when it comes to physician selection. So, gender preference remains in some cases. But nowadays in most of the cases, physician’s sex is not an issue as patients feel that physician’s gender doesn’t influence the quality of care. Rather in some cases, it is felt that male physicians show more empathy than their female colleagues. They understand their patient’s emotional concerns better. They don’t take the connection with their patients for granted. But most of the gynaecologists graduating every year are female. And the male gynaecologists are becoming rare. One thing for sure is that the lady gynaecologist in Thane West is more sought out because women feel that they can go on to discuss their problems with someone who have their own organs and have been in similar sort of situations before. Research also points to the fact that female doctors are more considerate to the needs of the patients.

Gynaecologist in Nerul Navi Mumbai

Gynaecology opens up a variety of job possibilities for the doctors from private practice to hospitals, health organizations and clinics. When you opt for one it is suggested that you do a background check and see on that gynaecologist is performing. If the internet is the option then the reviews would be of immense help


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