The Herpes Simplex Virus is much easier and convenient to diagnose if the infection still persists. Herpes blood test may be scheduled in order to detect body’s reaction to the infection rather than searching the virus which causes Herpes. HSV is infectious and transmittable virus which is normally triggered by two kinds of herpes viruses, namely, HSV-1 and HSV-2. The test is easy to do where the test provider takes some fluid from the infected area. While HSV-1 will infect the lips and mouth region, HSV-2 affects the genital area. There may be cold sores all over the region affected by Herpes. The worst part about HSV is that it is easily transmissible and is contagious. If one person is affected by Herpes, other person might also be affected by it. The infection may easily spread when a healthy person comes in contact with sores. HSV test needs to be performed to confirm the presence of HSV virus. During the test process, the professional can break the blister to collect fluid. This will give more accurate results.


There are two categories of the test

One category of Herpes test can be Specificity test and another category is Sensitivity. Sensitivity is all about the likelihood of correctly or aptly diagnosing the condition. On the other hand, specificity is determining that the patient may not have herpes and it can be another condition. If specificity is confirmed, then another blood test will be required. Having sores on the body may also suggest some other kinds of infection. A sample of viral culture is collected directly from the infected area.

What is the test all about?

Whether it is semen analysis test or herpes test, there has to be some purpose. Herpes Simplex Virus testing is done to detect whether the person suffers from herpes or not. This test is performed on the ones having genital sores or the ones with encephalitis. Even the infants may have neonatal herpes. Neonatal herpes is the rare type of herpes which is contracted at the time of childbirth only. Herpes culture test is performed to confirm the infection. There is also HSV antibody test which is done to diagnose the most severe kind of HSV infection. The herpes culture test or HSV DNA test is done when the patient has vesicle and blisters on the genital area. If a pregnant woman is affected by HSV, the HSV test has to be done regularly. The antibody test for HSV is scheduled if the patient has any previous history of herpes.

semen analysis test

How is it done?

When you show the symptoms of herpes, the doctor monitors the sores closely. Only when they seem like herpes outbreak, the doctor orders the test. Through the test, the reason behind sores in and around the mouth or genital area may be found out. The test sample is collected and is tested for HSV virus. As already stated, the sample is taken from the sore or blister on the body. This sample is diagnosed for the detection of herpes infection. The test may also be done by drawing out blood from the veins of the person. Newborns are also being subjected to this test at times.

Herpes Simplex Virus and also Widal Test may be done at home. It may be that the patient is very sick and is unable to move to the diagnostic center. The test may be conducted at home itself for added convenience and ease.


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