Ear thermometers have become very fashionable lately. They are now being used by people at home, but there is still a lot of confusion about what these digital ear thermometers really are. Here we will try to clarify some common doubts about these devices.

What are ear thermometers?

These thermometers work on the principle of infrared. They have an identifier and a sensor, which has the shape of a channel. The canal is intended to be inserted into the ear canal. When this is done, the infrared rays to measure the temperature inside the channel and this is shown almost instantly in a digital panel on the handle. All these thermometers have a digital display.

Due to its ease of use, ear thermometers are mainly used to measure body temperature in infants and children. However, it is a mistake to think that thermometers are intended only for them. They can also be used by adults as well.

digital ear thermometers

Pros of Ear Thermometers

  1. The main benefit is undoubtedly the convenience of using these thermometers. Some of these thermometers are so elaborately designed that they do not really need to keep in touch with the ear canal. These devices are referred to as non-contact thermometers.
  2. Thermometers are best suited for measuring temperatures in babies. Other thermometers conventionally used for babies are used orally or rectally, which are not very comfortable. With these thermometers, it is still possible to measure the temperature of babies while they sleep. Babies can not even feel the digital ear thermometers because some of them are designed to automatically come to body temperature on contact.
  3. There is also the fact that thermometers are instantaneous. Waiting for the temperature to rise after insertion thermometer becomes a thing of the past with these instruments.
  4. An ear canal is a good place for temperature measurement since it is a recess that is inside the body and is also closer to the brain than any other hole.
  5. Technological advances go quickly with these devices. With the resources being added to them, they are expected to soon replace other types of thermometers that are available.

Cons of ear thermometers

  1. Some people find it difficult to put these thermometers correctly. If it is placed too shallow, does not measure the correct temperature and has been inserted too much, there is a danger that it may injure the ear canal. However, advances have now been made with these thermometers that give audible alerts when placed in the correct position.
  2. Thermometers can not and should not be used for babies under one year. The ear canal is very delicate at this age and the thermometer can cause inadvertent injury.
  3. Some people are afraid of its accuracy. It is believed that these thermometers have a margin of error of 0.5 degrees or less.
  4. Thermometers can read erratically if certain conditions. For example, cold can cause cold external ear canal and also, therefore, give an incorrect reading to body temperature. In addition, if there is an accumulation of wax, the reading will be erratic. You should have your ears clean before using these thermometers.
  5. They are usually very expensive, although there are cheaper versions available today that are geared to the domestic market.

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