Physical fitness primarily is given more importance nowadays. People would like to keep their body trim and fit. People to achieve their goal go extra mile and give additional importance. Apart from health balanced diet and exercising there are supplements available in markets to achieve a fit and healthy body. These supplements cut non-required fat from human body and help in developing lean mass of the body. These products also provide additional stamina, flexibility and cuts unwanted fat in body. These products can be used by both women and men but just the dosage cycles vary.


Usage and effect

Though there is no different product available for men and women, the dosage size varies for both men and women. Women are prone to store more fat in their body than men due to the anatomical differences. But women do need only minimum dosage of Clenbuterol than men. Clen as this product is normally called is known to stimulate beta-2 in the body that is responsible for increase in body temperature. This boosts the body metabolism thus helping in burning additional fat that is unnecessary and helps to get a toned figure. Clenbuterol cycle doses vary for both men and women.

Women dosages

Due to various causes mentioned above, women are strictly advised to take this product in a cyclic manner. Only a maximum of 80 to 100 mcg can be taken by women in a particular cycle. This means women might need less than 10 mcg per day when compared to man for a particular cycle. This product should never be used longer than four months as it can lead to severe health issues. One of the major known issue being the heart walls becoming thicker difficult for heart to pump blood and circulate it throughout the body. This will ultimately lead to stroke or other severe heart condition. The best cycle for women is 2 weeks on and off cycle. Start with 20 mcg dosage and it stays for 2 weeks on cycle. Then take 2 weeks off. Again continue with 30 mcg per day for 2 weeks again. These way women can increase their dose by 10 mcg per day for every two weeks and then give a resting period again.

Potential results

Women generally are known to loose significant fat around butt and breasts during initial fat loss regimen.  For women this product might give staggering results hence careful usage is recommended. Women can track their progress by taking a before and after profile measurement thus giving exact picture of where they lose weight. Women who are expecting to start their pregnancy cycle or who is already pregnant should not be using this product. Though this product substantially claims to give best results it are observed that there also serious birth and reproductive effects this product causes as a result of lab test. Women who nurse and are in parental phase best avoid this product. Thus a word of caution is required when women uses Clenbuterol cycle doses and best follow a reputed physician’s advice.


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