We are in the 21st century and are stepping ahead towards the 22nd. But still we are engraved with the myths of medical technology that has been pulling us to the black hole of darkness where no knowledge is accepted to work. Every year 10 % of the population dies out of diseases that are not curable because of the unavailability of the medicines. Rather due to unavailability of technology.


Turning the coin

 This is mostly seen in countries like India where tradition is havocking on the technology. Here people work to earn money for their livelihood. But when it comes to any kind of medical treatment they prefer to visit the doctor near their house or their village to get the patient all right. And it’s after some days the patients dies out. Never have any one thought of such a miserable condition.

 Now we have been generating the power of medical science and understanding the self power of regeneration. With the power of our stem cells that is carried out in every single individual one can overcome this kind of life threatening diseases. This can be made possible with the cord blood banking, which a life is saving bank where we can store the stem cells that are derived from the blood isolated from the umbilical cord of the child immediately after birth.


What is this cord blood cell?

According to the law of evolution, it is believed that every organism evolve from the preexisting organism called the cells. These cells are omnipotent. They have the capacity to regenerate at certain stage. This is what is also seen in the cord blood cell which is generated in the mother’s womb when the child is in the verge of development. This is what helps the zygote to grow into a fetus. This fetus then develops into an offspring. With these blood cells the growth of all the organs in the body of the fetus takes place. This can be stored with the cord blood banking system to protect the future of the child from various immune related diseases or any other kind of cytological disorders.

How is this helpful?

This is just a fantastic way to protect the future of every child with giving a healthy future and preventing the disease to root itself in the body of the human being. This is a painless attempt to treat every kind of disease as every disease is believed to destroy or attack the cells of our body.  Secondly they do not have any side effect that would associate to any other organ in the body other than the affected ones. Thirdly they are not associated to any medicinal intake or any kind of higher steroid dosages. They are completely reliable and the best way to overcome all odds of the disease in medical sciences.

This is a step forward in the field of medical science which is quite distinct from that of chemotherapy and radiation technology.


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