The hormone, testosterone is responsible for development of mature sperms and hence, deciding factor for male fertility. The production of this hormone is controlled by the pituitary glands of the brain on how much to produce. Apart from deciding the fertility in male, it is also responsible for increasing production of red blood cells, muscle & strength, deepening of voice, fat distribution and bone mass. Hence, Testosterone is often associated with overall health of a man.

Dosage of testosterone boosters

They are recommended to be taken in the morning hours usually after breakfast. This will give you vitality throughout the day.

The dosage may vary from individual to individual according to their testosterone production. Which varies throughout the day, hence it is very difficult to test it. The doctor or a qualified health care professional will see your parameters and recommend you the right dosage and will see if it has to be increased over a period of time.


How to buy testogen

Testosterone can be bought online and it is fairly legal to buy this. There are also attractive offers such as decent discounts on purchase in bulk, buy two get one free etc. Watch the testosterone injection video to know more.

It can be seen there is significant improvement in the mood and disposition of the user. The growth of muscles can be expected in a time period of six weeks depending on your fitness levels at the start of usage.

The best thing that it does is it promotes the level of free testosterone, that is, it increases that testosterone which the body can use and not the one that gets bound to protein. The free testosterone also does not get converted into estrogen. Of course, along with boosting testosterone release, it also helps in building muscles and also enhancing libido.

Benefits of using Testosterone injections:

It helps in Increasing muscle mass and strength, increases energy levels that will help in speed up of workout, increases sex drive and also helps in faster recovery between workouts.

  • Muscles promoter: It bolsters to improve the amount of muscles in the biceps and triceps of your body.It works on breaking down proteins in the food and diet, helps to promote protein synthesis. The amino acids in the body are responsible for breaking the proteins and improving the muscle quality. Thus, when the metabolism is increased, it works quickly on the tissue formation.
  • Energy Booster: It helps to improve the quality of energy in the body drastically. The wear and tear of the muscles decreases and the repair time for the muscles get reduced after hard strength training exercises since, the energy levels, activeness and overall fitness of the body gets improving.
  • Body Fat Remover: The vitamins in the capsule are formed from naturally available herbal ingredients. Thus, up on intake, they act as thermo genic compound and burn the fat in the tough areas of body easily.
  • Improves sexual life and mood set: The libido count in the body improves and not only that, it enables one to stay fit and active throughout the day.