Modafinil (Provigil) is a.k.a smart drug, a.k.a wonder drug, proving that a “so good to be true” drug does really exist. It’s been around for seventeen years now and it doesn’t have any plans of slowing down. It’s a very effective drug that is perfectly safe, so don’t treat this drug like a steroid. This drug helps people become awake and mentally active throughout the day and whenever they need it.

It’s a medical grade drug created to be used to people that are having a hard time being awake like narcolepsy and the likes. But as it gained more popularity, many people started to see this drug and used it for something more. It’s ironic that the drug is mostly used by healthy people that don’t have any medical condition that would prompt them to use this drug.

Buying online: Right of the bat, the drug is a controlled substance because it’s prone to abuse so if you are buying modafinil online you still need a prescription to get it out of customs if ever they got this confiscated. But here’s a sort of a good news, if you do have the conditions that is needed for this drug, a doctor will not have second thoughts prescribing this drug to you or if you have a very valid reason why you want to take this drug.

3 things to ponder when buying modafinil

Be aware of fake Modalert: One of its reiterations is Modalert, this drug was made by Sun Pharma. Generally, it functions the same way, but the issue most of the time is getting a Modalert fake drug. That’s right, the drug is very popular that there has been a lot of fakes circulating online. That is why if you plan to buy the drug, buy it from very credible sites and not from someone or sites that you just stumbled on Google offering it very cheap.

The drug might be known to treat sleeping disorders and the like but has been widely known to be a very potent wonder drug to help increase mental alertness. For most people that need this boost like astronauts, the army, studying students and drivers, this is a godsend. If you plan to take this drug make sure that you do some additional reading, before anything else. Check the labels, read the fine prints, look for drugs that work best with this and what doesn’t.


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