When God created the World, He did so out of pure and unconditional love; He gave the entire expanse of land and sea as well as the sky to his most precious and beloved creation- the human beings. He did not keep anything hidden from them and also made them in His own image and likeness. But the only thing He asked them to do is be obedient to Him and give Him due respect. The community church Calvary Houston finds the way in which to do so; it is what is known as worship.

The best way to thank God and praise His holy name is by worship, as is very rightly said by a famous N.T. Wright, “Worship is the central characteristic of the heavenly life…and it forms the central task of the church.” This is why they have special services for worship every day. Calvary Houston has provisions for exclusive worship, proclaiming the greatness of God is central to which.  God is glorified and the wonders of creation praised while simultaneously enjoying the presence of the omnipresent God.

The Holy Spirit of God is venerated and worshiped with the help of music and songs and other artistic expressions. This makes the worshiping an effortless and enjoyable experience for all present there. Those that belong to this community church believe that God dwells in the praises and exultation of every man. It is thus, that all believers and those ascribing to the beliefs of this church gather together as a family and sing out spiritual songs and verses from the Bible.


How Servicing the Community Is Being Prioritized by Calvary Houston?

These services also dedicate time to the reading and understanding of God’s Word and contemplation on the same. These worship services act as a reminder to all attendees of what God has instructed mankind to do, the readings from the Bible always provide answers to anyone who might be having a difficult time in life. It gives perspective to an individual and reassures him/her about the eternal existence of God.

The prayers and worship conducted by this community helps individuals cope up with the daily obstacles of life and in fact, gives a new hope to the hopeless. The promises of God in the Bible have always given a sense of relief and feeling of being loved and wanted to every individual who has read or heard it.

Worship is done in various forms all over the world, but the Christian faith does not call for any kind of sacrifice or big ceremony. All you need is a desire to praise and thank your Creator with a genuine and contrite heart. It is believed that singing is praying twice, it is hence that this action is put to optimum use when one worships God.

God has given mankind its existence and the only thing He asks for in return is to give Him what He deserves; and worshiping Him with your whole heart, mind and soul and is the best form of gratitude that you can show God.


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