Let’s now discover together the cons of plasterboard in the bathroom

Disadvantages of plasterboard in the bathroom

More attention in the realization

The cons of drywall in the bathroom is basically only one.

More attention in the realization

As we have seen so far, plasterboard, especially the waterproof one, is absolutely suitable for all works in the bathroom, from the creation of counter-walls for sanitary ware, to niches that can act as an exposed wardrobe for towels and bathroom material, to dividers for showers local handyman services in Chicago.

Clearly if these works are carried out with approximation and in an unprofessional way, the problems will become evident in a short time, with infiltrations and the presence of stains due to humidity.

For this reason it is good to evaluate the necessary works together with the plasterer and the plumber, so that our bathroom is renovated in a workmanlike manner.

Still have doubts about plasterboard in the bathroom?

With this analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of using plasterboard in the bathroom, we hope to have helped you to get a better idea of ​​what could be the characteristics to look for or discuss with a professional.

If you are still interested and want to know more about what the realization of plasterboard works in the bathroom entails, planning them down to the smallest details, we have created a price guide on the costs of plasterboard works  that can help you better understand how to make yours. new bathroom, thus using the most suitable types of plasterboard.

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