Chains and hoists have been around for a long time and have largely made the nightmare of lifting heavy cargo bearable. However, even with all the help and hard work, time has caught up to these all-time greats and the lifting magnets have taken their place. With the old equipment, there were a lot of risks since manpower was required to attach the hoist which created the danger of being crashed under the heavy weight incase anything went wrong. This begins to highlight the benefits that lifting magnets offer and why you should be considering overhauling your hoisting mechanisms. Some of these benefits include;

  1. Safety

One of the biggest advantages that lifting magnets have to offer is the higher safety standards. Unlike chains and other traditional hoists, there is not as much human involvement in their case because they simply attach to the top of the load. Ultimately, this takes down the risk for the employers and also for the employees.

  1. Lower damage risk to the cargo

One of the greatest problems with using a chain hoist is the tension and stress points that they create at the point of contact with the load. This increases the chances of damaging the material or even the packaging both of which can have catastrophic results with the owner of the property. Whether you’re a clearing and forwarding agent or just trying to get stock to customer, delivering the material the same way that the customer bought it is essential. With lifting magnets, the magnet attaches to the top of the load. There are no hooking points and points of contact hence there is no risk.


  1. Different mechanisms for different loads

Lifting magnets manufacturers have different types of lifting magnets that are able to work with different load weight limits. If the load is very heavy, there are electromagnetic devices that can be used. These supply direct current that generates and EM field and maintains the attractive force to keep very heavy loads attached to the magnets at all times. EM lifting magnets are able to lift of 11000lbs of weight. These types of lifting magnets can also be adjusted to make them stronger or weaker depending on the amount of weight you would like to lift.

  1. Portability

There are different lifting magnet mechanisms that are available for different application. The permanent magnet that has a safe working load of 10,000lbs is very compact making it highly portable compared to the other options that are available like the EM lifting magnet. Also, because the Permanent Magnet does not depend on electricity, it can be used in almost any situation and in any place as long as the load being lifted is within the set weight limit.

If you’re an individual or even a person that is looking to move away from the traditional systems, lifting magnets are a great alternative that produce better and safer results. Lifting magnet manufacturers will be able to direct you on which of their products will best serve your purpose and intentions. You will be reducing chances of bodily harm to you and those working the systems and at the same time improving the time spent when carrying out a task.


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