You need to hire and train someone to use John Deere golf course mowers and other turf equipment to maintain the health and playability of the golf course. The maintenance of a golf course is a labor-intensive task. So, staffing is one of the major duties of a golf course superintendent. This not only involves the hiring of people who will operate turf equipment but also those who will maintain and repair used turf equipment, especially when you are running a world-class golf course.

While hiring and training new staff, the superintendent should keep tight labor cost, high levels of personal productivity, productive work environment, efficient organization and staff scheduling and development of human relation skills in mind.

Departmental organization

It is the superintendent’s responsibility to efficiently organize the department to make sure that the right task is assigned to the right person and if the person is not available of the task, figure out whether it is required to hire a full-time employee or find a seasonal worker. Once responsibilities are assigned, the superintendent should also supervise and make sure that all tasks are performed according to the established standards.

The superintendent should make sure that the newly hired employees are aware of the departmental policies and procedures. Employees should be aware of the expectations the superintendent has from them.

The employees should be told about the storage areas, designated place for John Deere golf course mowers and every other tool and equipment used for the maintenance of the golf course. The new staff working in the golf course maintenance facility should be told where to clean tools and equipment, where to put away equipment after use, and who to report if one of the tools or equipment needs to be repaired or serviced.

Job Description

Although job descriptions for various positions are already prepared by the club, the superintendent can make changes in these descriptions if required.

Principles of Employee Relations

Building healthy and productive relationships with employees is extremely important to make sure that a positive experience is offered to members, clients and guests. Keeping the following principles in mind will help in building healthy and productive relationships with employees:

  • Treat employees with respect and dignity. Never tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • Apply policies, rules and regulations to all employees fairly and uniformly. There should be no place for favoritism.
  • Always remember that every employee is important. Depending on assigned roles and responsibilities, every employee is contributing. Recognize the contribution.
  • They all try to do their jobs well. In case someone is falling short, find out why that employee is unable to fulfill his responsibilities. Maybe it is because of management failure in training or communication.
  • Employees are unaware of the goals of the management. The superintendent should make sure that employees know about the goals the management wants to achieve.
  • The superintendent should make sure that employees are informed of the policies and any recent changes in the policies should be communicated. Make sure that employees know about policies, procedures, annual and long-term plans, work conditions, projects and compensations and benefits.
  • Always recognize the contributions of employees. Praise and appreciate them whenever they deserve.
  • All employees are working together. So, make sure that you are giving a positive and productive environment to employees. Fix the attitude if there is any unpleasant personality in the department.
  • There should be a challenging, interesting and rewarding workplace for employees. Involve your employees in the decision-making process if you can.
  • The superintendent should make sure that there is a pleasant and enjoyable environment in the workplace. We all are giving too much of our lives to work.

Employee Supervision    

There should be one of the following present there for on-site supervision:

  • Assistant superintendent
  • Irrigation technician
  • Crew leader

Whoever is supervising the employees should follow the principles of employee relations to get the work done without any trouble.


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