Fruit cakes are usually healthy and tasteful. They are a made up of fruits like apple, mango, Pineapple and dry fruits. Fruit cakes are also the mixture of some other ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking powder, cream, and butter. They are garnished with candied fruits, small slices of fruits, icings, nuts and other sweeteners. Fruit cakes that contain less flour quantity and plenty of dry fruits are comparatively heavy and dense. Get the wonderful cake with flavored frostings and decorations. Online Cake Delivery in Kota serves you with healthy and variety of fruit cakes with good taste. The varied of fruit cakes generally offered by Kota are Pineapple cake, banana cake, apple fruit cake, butterscotch fruit cake, and eggless fruit cake.

Different variety of fruit cakes with frosting and decorations

Mouth watering fruit cakes with the variety of flavors:

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cakes are generally very good in taste. They contain ingredients like butter, flour, Pineapple jam, sugar, egg and furnished with the small pieces of Pineapple,  fruit jam, tooty fruity, dry fruits and other sweeteners. Though, many bakers mix Pineapple and watermelon and grind together to make the jam. There are various varieties of Pineapple cakes such as –

  • Pineapple butter cake.
  • Pineapple Cupcake.
  • Coconut- Pineapple loaf cake.
  • Pineapple stirs cake.
  • Pineapple- carrot cake.

Banana cake

Banana cakes are relatively healthy and yummy. They are made often for many reasons. Flavorful, detectable, moist and soft that is very simple to make. Banana is the prime ingredient and other ingredients like sugar, white flour, plain flour, cream, egg, butter, baking soda. They are usually decorated with candied fruits, nuts, icings, and other sweet ingredients. They can be made with different methods such as muffins, layer cake, and Cupcake.

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Some banana cakes that contain different flavors-

  • Chocolate banana cake
  • Swirl Banana cake
  • Banana breadcrumb cake
  • Caramel banana cake roll
  • Banana Cupcake

Apple fruit cake

Apple fruit cake is the best ever cake you ever had. It is generally very delicious in taste. The main element of the cake apple fruit and it also contains the mixture of some ingredients such as flour, applesauce, sugar, egg, baking powder, cream, butter. Apple fruit cake is generally decorated with icings, creams, apple jam, dry fruits, candied fruits and other sweeteners. It includes generally variety of flavors like –

  • Chocolate apple cake.
  • Apple buttery cake.
  • French apple cake.
  • Cinnamon apple cake.
  • Apple cupcake.

Butterscotch fruit cake

Butterscotch fruit cake includes butterscotch cream, brown sugar and can be made with the variety of fruits like apple, mango, banana, papayas, and pineapples. The ingredients of butterscotch fruit cake include flour, sugar, butter, egg, butterscotch cream and baking powder. Butterscotch fruit cakes are decorated with small slices of fruits, candied fruits, icings and many other sweet ingredients.

Variety of butterscotch fruit cake-

  • Butterscotch apple fruit cake.
  • Butterscotch Cupcake.

Eggless fruit cake

Eggless fruit cake is usually a special cake. It is made up of typical ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, fruit jam, and baking powder and decorated with different icings or dry fruits.

These cakes are relatively very good in taste. If you find any type of damage in your cake, you can send Cake to Kota; the Kota bakers will deliver you new fresh cake on the specific time.


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