When people think about drugs they think about oral preparations like gels and tablets. But drugs are complex and as complex as it is; it has various preparations and various dosages.

 One of the very popular drugs that bodybuilders’ use is Winstrol and for a very good reason. It’s one of those popular drugs that have a lot of preparation options like tablets, capsules, gels, syrups and injectable. This makes the drug more flexible to the needs of the person that uses it, whatever preparation one wants Winstrol got you covered.

 Injectable: One of the popular preparations for Winstrol is injectable. Due to the fact that injectable, in general, provides immediate effect (drug interaction) that gives the user an immediate therapeutic effect. A longtime user knows this and usually looks for these types of preparations. Although injectable does have some risks which will be discussed below.

 Risks: Because it’s injectable and it punctures the skin in order to the deliver drugs into the body it does have some risks of irritation, pain, inflammation and even infection. So if you take injectable make sure that you know how to prep and do it. It’s not an easy preparation to take and does require a bit of practice and skill to do it flawlessly.

 Half-life: Because injectable is in its purest form it does affect the half-life of the drug making it shorter. These are reasons why there are various drug preparations because in order to have a longer effect it does need to pass to various organs and get absorbed slowly. Like the oral preparations, for example, it goes to the stomach to the intestine and gets absorbed slowly and the digestion process goes on, but with injectable, you pass that and gets absorbed directly.

 Drug tolerance: This is one of the most important “things” that people taking drugs, in general, should watch out for, especially for people meditating for longer periods. The best example for tolerance is alcohol, if you take alcohol regularly you will notice that you are able to consume more alcohol vs. the first time that you took it where you only had 1 bottle and you already got drunk. While injecting Winstrol is more potent the problem here is the organ that will filter it like the liver, because the liver doesn’t have a drug tolerance and it can only take too much before it will malfunction and a diseased liver is always a bad thing.

 Taking injectable is the choice for most bodybuilders because this gives them this instant effect when taking the drug. The only issue is that it has more risks versus the usual oral route and will require a bit of knowledge and skill in administering it. Since drug absorption is fast, the cycles in taking injectable are also shorter. Indeed that the benefit outweighs the risks but it doesn’t mean that you have to undermine it. This is also prone to overdosage since it’s not pre-calibrated like capsules are, and if no one is looking it’s always tempting to get more especially if you want more results.


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