World of cryptocurrency is huge. If you are an investor, be it beginner, intermediate or professional, you need to have a smart list of cryptocurrencies to manage your investments. While investing in cryptocurrency you need not specifically invest all your money in the biggest cryptocurrency. To know what is the best fit for you need to maintain a portfolio of all the preferable cryptocurrency and may be the one with medium returns is perfect crypto for you according to the crypto news.

Latest Cryptocurrency News

Here are some of the analytical reviews of trending cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin: 
  2. it is similar to normal currency used to transact for the services rendered.
  3. It can be used in a similar way to local currency  by any of the users.
  4. There is no central bank included and the user has sole ownership of the bitcoin
  5. There are only a limited number of bitcoins in the market.
  6. For using a bitcoin there is a minimal amount of fees include which may increase year by year
  7. It is the most used cryptocurrency and one of the most important also.
  8. Ripple:
  9. It is a technology that can be used as cryptocurrency. It is used for major financial transactions in the digital world.
  10. Ripple can act as mediator in exchange of currencies, it is a  lot cheaper than USD
  11. The average time of it’s transaction is 4-5 seconds
  12. Ripples is trusted by numerous official banks. Hence, it is a reliable currency.
  13. As it is an open source of currency it  may be hacked by frauds but the chances are very rare.
  14. Zcash: 
    1. It is one of the cryptocurrency.
    2. It provides you better  privacy according to crypto news.
    3. It  uses zero-knowledge technology, to enable more confidentiality to  its users.
    4. It is a legitimate cryptocurrency.
  15. Neo:
    • . It is both a cryptocurrency and a block chain platform.
  1. It runs on a C++ programming.
  2. It is a user-friendly cryptocurrency.
  3. It is listed in around 40 exchanges all over the world.
  1. Ethereum Classic: 
    • . It’s price is correlated with all other cryptocurrencies present in the market.
  1. It provides decentralised administration and is useful in contracts and agreements.
  1. Litecoin: 
  2. It is a similar cryptocurrency to bitcoin.
  3. It can be served as silver to bitcoin gold and not a competition  to bitcoin.
  4. It is cheaper than bitcoin
  5. It has almost 84 million coins, where bitcoins are lesser in no and are limited to only 21 million coins.