Bitcoins are digital currencies or in short, cryptocurrencies that do not have any physical existence. To store these virtual currencies, you need a wallet, similar to the real one.

How does a bitcoin wallet work?

You keep an account in the bank to keep your money safe. Likewise, you have to have your bitcoin account, also known as bitcoin wallet to keep your cryptocurrency secured.

bitcoin accountAnyone who has a bit of coin has an address. This address can only be accessed by the ‘private key’ specifically. Hence, this key needs to be kept very safely, away from the eyes of thieves and hackers. This private key is crucial as it enables the receiving and sending service of the bitcoins.

How to decide which wallet is best for you?

First of all, you can only choose a wallet for yourself when you understand your necessity and acquire knowledge of different types of wallets available.

There are primarily five types of bitcoin wallet:

  1. Hardware wallet
  2. Paper wallet
  3. Desktop wallet
  4. Mobile wallet
  5. Online wallet

The entire mentioned wallets have multiple pros and cons. You need to choose the best alternative insight.  A beginner, a mediocre and, a pro has dissimilar requirements. Analyzing your budget and experience is the first step to determine the perfect wallet for your bitcoins. The stores, both offline and online have various choices for you to make. It’s a matter of money that makes us worry about safety and security. In the end, you are the judge of your bitcoin account.



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